Interview with GLine Wear Designer

Established in early 2020, GLine Wear is an affordable line of women’s wear ranging from Thongs, Garters, Pasties, Stockings, Pearl Panties, Hats, Fishnets, Socks, Harness Belts, Thigh Highs, Swimsuits & Bikinis, Hoodies, and Turtle Neck crop tops. GLine was started by Gizzel Hernadez a Miami based model with the dream of owning her own shop after working her way up at a local shoe store in her local mall. Before Covid-19 hit she was working Inventory Management at the Miami Zoo while simultaneously working on building her brand’s website and searching for models to model her line.

GLine Wear represents Gizzel’s own personal style of clothing that she herself likes to wear.

“This is My Art Through clothes. Everyone loves to feel sexy, not only in ways that everyone can see but also underneath. GLine makes you feel Hot, Cute, Confident, and over all Wanted In anything you Wear.”–Gizzel Hernadez 

Gizzel was kind enough to give us an interview to help us learn more about her and her brand:

  • What are the inspirations behind some of your designs?
I love sexy wear, I believe every woman should feel comfortable in anything they wear and my personalized designs are super attractive and fun for any occasion. For a special night I also combine my hand made art to some of the products and to bring more meaning to my line itself.

  • Did you design everything yourself or just certain pieces?
Every piece of my line has a unique modification from my personal mind. I’m big on Gems so I love adding sparkle to simple wear and making them a little extra.

  • What do you feel makes GLine Wear unique?
Not only is GLine very affordable, but I’ve gotten the same feedback from most of my customers which is “wow I can’t find these anywhere else”. Customers are happy with their purchases and love the unique style.

  • What kind of women would you say your clothing is geared towards or attracts?
All kinds of women love GLine Wear, but for a more adult audience.

  • What methods have you been using to promote and get the word out for GLine Wear?
A lot of social Media marketing, promo giveaways, and word of mouth

  • Will you be incorporating platforms such as Youtube, Patreon, or OnlyFans as a part of your overall brand strategy?
Yes my line is very active on the Onlyfans platform and I’ve already gotten together with a few friends that I’ve worked with that have an amazing fan base.

  • What is your favorite item from your collection and why?
My Underwear selection is just to die for; with how sexier it can get with gems on your underwear. I’m also in love with the custom made sweaters and tops.

  • Is there anything in your collection that you yourself thought was too risque or is everything a reflection of what your brand is?
Everything GLine Wear is as risqué as it can get.

  • How does the current Covid-19 situation affect your business or has it been a non factor?
It’s honestly been a non-factor. It has only slowed me down on being able to go out and network.

  • When covid-19 is no longer a major issue where do you hope to see your brand in 2-5yrs?
I hope to see my business becoming the brand it deserves to be. Streaming throughout social media and becoming the everyday Miami lifestyle.

  • Do you have plans to expand your line into athletic, leisure, or casual wear?
I am thinking of expanding and incorporating gym wear.

  • Any new items fans can expect before the year ends?
More swimwear and custom hoodies to match our unique underwear line.

Fans can follow GLine Wear on Instagram for updates and check out their website to shop all things GLine.

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