SuperGroupies First Collaboration with God Of War

SuperGroupies long known for their Anime inspired fashions have taken inspiration from the very popular western game series God of War! The franchise main character, Kratos, has been to hell and back literally and in his latest adventure journeys with his son on an epic adventure to spread the ashes of his wife in her ancestral home. The God of War x Super Groupies collection includes a God of War model watch, backpack, and wallet.

Expect a lot of hidden details in this collaboration considering how vast the current iteration of God of War is, there is no telling what little details you are in store. Preorders for the God of War x SuperGroupies collection started from August 24th and will close on September 14th or however long supplies will last.

God of War Model Watch:

This sophisticated watch is inspired by Kratosʼ Guardian Shield. The hour markers use in-game runes, an engaging way to decipher and remember their meanings whenever we check the time. The hour and minute hands are exquisitely crafted in homage to Fayeʼs keepsake to Kratos, the Leviathan Axe, and one of Atreusʼ arrows. 

The strap is made with real leather in a matte finish that makes for a great contrast to the watch’s face. The back casing of the watch features the God of War logo. The gold, brown, and silver color scheme gives the watch a sense of professionalism and casual playfulness. Priced at ¥19800/$188.00

God of War Model Backpack:

This backpack is inspired by father and son: Kratos and Atreus. The faux fur on the flap is modeled after Atreusʼ wolf hide clothing which is detachable depending on your mood or season. The vivid red of the drawstrings as well as the stitching works as a striking accent color are inspired by Kratosʼ tattoos. The pocket flaps are modeled after Kratos’ woven Shoulder Guard of Exile, designed using an intricate interwoven leather technique. The left side pocket features a faithful reproduction of the Guardian Shield. 

The inner lining features an original SuperGroupies pattern and color scheme inspired by Atreus’ clothing. The God of War model backpack boasts a generous capacity that can fit A4 sized items along with multiple pockets and compartments. Priced at ¥16800/$159.00

God of War Model Wallet:

This foldable wallet features an eye-catching plate reproduction of Kratosʼ Guardian Shield. The intricate embroidery is inspired by the Leviathan Axe, passed on to Kratos from his late wife, Faye. 

Inside the wallet's color scheme is modeled after Atreusʼ clothing. Of course the inside lining features an original SuperGroupies design. The entire design of the wallet has been made to remind us of the unbreakable bond between parents and their children. Priced at ¥11800/$112.00

The watch will be released in late January 2021 while all other items will be released in December 2020.

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