SuperGroupies Introduces Okami Collaboration

For fans of the widely popular video game Okami developed by Clover Studios and published by Capcom back in 2006, 2020 brings some great news for you. While it may not be a brand new game for the upcoming PS5, fans will still enjoy this latest collaboration from anime/video game inspired fashion house SuperGroupies! Pre-orders have begun for 3 new items based on the popular action-adventure video game. These items are designed with motifs inspired by characters from the game. These items are sure to bring back memories from the hours spent playing the game.

The lineup consists of three items: Amaterasu Model Fur Bouson, Amaterasu Model Sneakers, and an Amaterasu Model Umbrella. These items are designed with motifs inspired by Amaterasu, Issun and more! The majority of the color schemes for these are mainly based on Amaterasu’s color scheme of white and red with hints of green on certain items.

A fur blouson with Amaterasu’s color scheme on the outside. The faux fur material looks so nice and fluffy, very reminiscent of Amaterasu’s fur from the game which is great for winter wear. There is a pocket on the left side with Amaterasuʼs name embroidered on it, and the flames and sun in the back symbolize Amaterasu, the Japanese sun goddess. The lining design consists of Amaterasu and the flowers that bloom when Amaterasu runs and during the Guardian Saplings Restorations. It is reminiscent to see such scene where nature returns to the world filled with darkness by Amaterasu and her friends. 

If you look closely at the tag on the inside you can see Amaterasu’s little traveling companion Issun. This item comes in both men’s and women’s sizes priced at ¥22800/$215.63(aprx). Scheduled release date is end of October 2020.

These Ivory-based sneakers inspired by Amaterasu include: his signature forehead mark on the shoe tongue and on the side you can find a leather tag of Issun. This shoe features a red sole with added red accents on the heel, sides, and by the laces. The insole design is very much like the lining of the Fur Blouson with the flowers that bloom as Amaterasu runs across the land throughout the game. 

Also included are two types of shoelaces: basic flat laces and fluffy laces representing Amaterasuʼs fur. 

For those looking a casual wear sneaker this definitely fits the bill to a tee. This item is priced at ¥10800/$201.14 with a release date at the end of October 2020.

An umbrella with a design that combines Amaterasu and Issunʼs art interpretation of them in the clouds in-game and the flower blooming effects when Amaterasu runs. On the tie wrap there is a small print of Amaterasu and Issun cuddling, showing their strong bond as friends and comrades. 

This umbrella has a subtle camouflage design that's easy to use in all occasions. Even if you are not a personal fan of umbrellas I’m sure this will get you to start using them more often. Priced at ¥6800/$64.31 with a release date at the beginning of November 2020.

This entire set is great for anyone looking to add style to their wardrobe or looking for something new that doesn’t make you stand out too much, but still get those well deserved compliments. Preorders for the Okami collaboration have already begun by the time of writing this article and will end on July 20th,2020. Be sure to follow SuperGroupies on Twitter for more info and upcoming releases.