Olive Glass The Artist

Image by Robert Gregory Griffeth

Olive Glass is an American model, actress, activist and artist based out of Los Angeles, California. Her modeling work has been seen in publications such as Penthouse, Vogue, Hi Fructose Magazine, and many more. She is also the Founder of her nonprofit organization, Chariot Hearts. The Chariot Heart Foundation focuses on empowering victims of child abuse, domestic abuse and changing public perceptions of tough topics like sexual assault. The Chariot Heart Foundation got its namesake from 'The Chariot' tarot card: symbolizing overcoming challenges and moving forward in a positive direction.

On July 10th Olive Glass had an amazing interview with Hustler magazine (NSFW) about her art, what inspired her, her favorite styles, etc. Olive also intends to have a gallery event this fall (quarantine allowing) to support her new non-profit, The Chariot Heart Foundation, which "gives grants to grassroots organizations that are changing the political landscape for sexual assault victims."

“I first took up art as a kid; I was just naturally drawn to it. I’m best at expressing myself through visual art. I wasn’t a very talkative child, but I had a highly active imagination, and it was sort of like therapy for me! It’s still like therapy for me, to be honest.” –Olive Glass (Art of Glass Interview)

Fans can now own a piece of her art, as Olive is launching a sale for a few select paintings. You can get a peek at Olive's art on her website at officialoliveglass.com/shop. They would be a great addition to any art collection, home, or a gift for someone who enjoys unique art. To me her work is like a vivid dream you had and she is able to encapsulate those details in a single image.

To purchase a painting contact Olive at olive@officialoliveglass.com. Selected prints and pricing is as follows:

"I certainly intend on having more shows in the future! In particular, quarantine allowing, this fall I will be holding a group gallery event for the launch of my brand-new non-profit, The Chariot Heart Foundation, which gives grants to grassroots organizations that are changing the political landscape for victims of sexual assault. As far as my personal work, I tend to make my best sales online, but there is something so special and personal about having a physical gallery show, you really can’t beat it.” –Olive Glass (Art of Glass Interview)