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SuperGroupies has opened pre-orders for 9 new items based on the famous action game, Azur Lane. Azur Lane is a side-scrolling mobile shoot ’em up, simulation, and RPG video game created by Chinese developers Shanghai Manjuu and Xiamen Yongshi, released in 2017 for the iOS and Android operating systems. It’s set in an alternate timeline of World War II, where players engage in side-scrolling shooter gameplay, using female moe anthropomorphic characters based on warships from the war's major participants.

They are offering exclusive watches, bags, and wallets modeled after the USS Enterprise, the HMS Belfast, and the IJN Ayanami, who always support their Commander on the battlefield.

This chronograph watch is inspired by Yorktown-class aircraft carrier Enterprise. It includes 60-minute and 24-hour totalizers. The watch face features very bold designs such as her long flight deck, her nickname as the “Grey Ghost” and the symbol for freedom: an eagle. The hour marks are indicated by a star and gold lines, inspired by her uniform. The Eagle Union Emblem and radar are embedded designs on the watch face.​​ Priced at ¥23,800/$225.10(approx)

Shoulder bag is inspired by Enterprise’s uniform in its color scheme and design details. The tag on the front of the bag features the ship insignia found on Enterprise’s long coat. Attached to the strap is a shoulder pad designed after Enterprise’s bow. This shoulder pad is sure to lighten the load for any Commander when their bag gets heavy, so this support design is another plus point to look out for. 

The original lining design is a mix of Enterprise-related motifs, including renderings of her flight deck, carrier aircrafts, and the number “6” that any fan would recognize. It is also fitted with inside pockets for smartphones and other small items for convenient storage. One pocket is adorned with Enterprise’s skill name, “Lucky E,” as well as an eagle design to represent freedom. Priced at ¥13,800/$130.52(approx)

This foldable wallet has a predominantly black body accentuated by gold lines and a star resembling Enterprise’s uniform. Features an embossed design of her ship’s insignia on the back of the wallet. Her nickname the “Grey Ghost” and the Eagle Union emblem are embossed on the inside of the wallet. Her color scheme can also be found on the inside as well, used as card slot inspired by her uniform. It offers 5 card slots along with original lining design. Priced at ¥9,800/$92.69(approx)

This chronograph watch with a striking metal strap is inspired by Edinburgh-class light cruiser Belfast. It includes 60 minute & 24 hour totalizers. The royal blue watch face is inspired by Belfast’s maid outfit color scheme and design. Her ship’s motto “Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus”(What shall we give in return for so much?) is engraved on the watch’s lower right side. Other design details include: Anchors at 12 & 6 O’clock, the Royal Navy emblem and radar engraved in the sub dials. Priced at ¥23,800/$225.10(approx).

This backpack’s design is inspired by Belfast’s outfit; The Royal Navy emblem is embossed on the side of the backpack, her maid outfit color scheme as base colors, motifs such as the chain around her neck are boldly displayed on the front. The 2 zippers can be unzipped to reveal extra storage space for smaller items. This backpack can easily fit A4-sized items. It also features an exclusive design for the interior lining, a mix of motifs derived from Belfast’s maid outfit and ship motto “Pro Tanto Quid Retribuamus”. Priced at ¥14800/$139.98(approx)

Wallet design inspired by Belfast’s maid outfit, zipper chain modeled after her choker, and her ship’s motto is embossed on the back where you can always catch a glimpse of when you put away your wallet. Inside contains 5 card slots, an embossed Royal Navy emblem, and a stitch pattern modeled after her apron skirt frills. Inside the bills compartment you will find the same original lining design that you find in the backpack. Priced at ¥9,800/$92.69(approx)

Inspired by the Special Type II Ayanami-class destroyer there fine details representing the character found throughout. Minute and Hour hands are modeled after Ayanami’s head piece and at the 12 o’clock you can see an anchor inspired by her neckerchief. The Sakura Empire emblem and radar used during scouting missions are engraved in the sub dials of the watch face. On the metal strap you can find the kanji characters for Ayanami’s nickname “The Demon”. Priced at ¥23,800/$225.10(approx)

Crossbody design with colors inspired by Ayanami’s outfit this bag is brimming with motifs based on Ayanami. Using her sailor colors as the base this bag features her torpedoes for the design of the strap. A trio of spacious pockets in the front for convenient storage of small items including a 500ml/16fl oz drink.

On the side is an embossed design of the Sakura Empire Emblem. The exclusive lining is a mix of Ayanami-related motifs with details from her uniform, a band-aid, and her nickname “The Demon” in kanji characters. Priced at ¥12800/$121.06(approx)

This compact sized, zip-around foldable wallet is modeled after Ayanami’s equipment color scheme: The red and white details on the front are the designs that can be found on Ayanami’s waist. On the back is an embossing of Ayanami’s nickname, the “Demon” in kanji characters. 

The zipper pulls are modeled after her head piece. The interior of the wallet’s color scheme is also based on her outfit. There are 5 card slots available inside and on the front the slots is the embossed Sakura Empire Emblem. The exclusive interior lining matched the design found inside the crossbody bag. Priced at ¥9,800/$92.69(approx)

All items are available for pre-order via the SuperGroupies website as of Wednesday, July 15, 2020 until Monday, August 3, 2020. All bags and wallets have a release date of November 2020 and watches around January 2021.

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