Piboshi Desk Pad Review

Before I begin my review, I did receive this item at a discounted price to enable me to do this review. All my views are unbiased and are how I truly feel about the product in question. The Piboshi Desk Pad for the office or home is a 33" x 14" Large Desk Writing Mat and multifunctional Organizer. It is thinly made non-slick desk pad that is made of leather and waterproof that helps with making your work space look more professional as well as other uses.

The Piboshi large desk pad is touted as a problem solver; keeping your desk in order and clean. The desk pad for office is great gift for the professional in your life and co-workers. It is made from premium Italian pu leather that has no smell. The large desk mat can protect your any desk/work surface from scratches, stains, and spills. 

When you accidentally spill something on the desk mat it can be easily wiped clean with a paper towel. Which is great for those that have issues with knocking over drinks while working. I'm sure the more sugary the drink the more of a cleaning you may need to do.

The mat, as I said before, is great for making any part of your house look like an ideal work space. It may not come in fun colors but you can get other colors like navy blue, grey, black, and secondary lighter black. Both sides of the mat can be used and are anti-skid. Using a mouse isn't much of an issue since it is a non-reflective surface.

If you need a writing or drawing surface this mat is great for that as well. Unless you are putting crazy amount of pressure behind the use of your pen or pencil then you will not see a mark on the surface of the mat. It's a smooth surface so none of the texture of the mat will show up on your paper or in your drawings. As someone who does photography it looks good as a background for most product shots. 

Written on a food mat vs the Piboshi desk pat

The one drawback of this mat that I found is that it picks up dirt no matter how little there is. So if trying to preserve this mat for a long while make sure to clean after every use. I would recommend a wet paper towel to wipe it down unless something strong is needed. Whether you need to make your space look more professional, a mat for writing/drawing, something for your keyboard and mouse or laptop and mouse then this is definitely worth investing in. It's not bad for the price on Amazon for only $16.99, but you can get it for $10 if you get the blue color. This won't make uneven surfaces suddenly smooth but it is something nice to have around the house if you are someone that works from home or freelances on occasion.