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    Nikki Knightly Brings the Funny

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SuperGroupies X Story of Seasons Collaboration

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Originally released for the Nintendo GBA in 2003, STORY OF SEASONS: Friends of Mineral Town is a complete remake and re-imagines the game anew. Known in Japan as Bokuj┼Ź Monogatari and formerly known as Harvest Moon, is an agricultural simulation role-playing video game series created by Yasuhiro Wada and developed by Victor Interactive Software (acquired by Marvelous Entertainment in 2003). The main objective of the series is to rebuild a run-down old farm and turn it into a success. You can also befriend nearby townsfolk, get married, & start a family. While fashion isn’t part of the game or even ever comes up, SuperGroupies has collaborated with Friends of Mineral Town to change all that with it's fashion inspired brand apparel & accessories.

Coming Soon: FunimationCon 2020

For over 25 years, Funimation has pioneered an omni-channel approach to engaging and entertaining millions where they want it most: streaming, home entertainment, theatrical, merchandising, live events, and more. They’ve distributed anime to a passionate, global community of fans and now they are stepping things by giving those same fans FunimationCon 2020.

Lady Death Legacy Premium Action Figure Preview

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Created by Brian Pulido, Lady Death first appeared in Evil Ernie #1 in December 1991. Lady Death then reappeared in the Evil Ernie: The Resurrection miniseries published by Pulido under his now-defunct company Chaos! Comics in 1994. In April 2016, Pulido began publishing new stories of Lady Death under his company Coffin Comics. Which brings us to today; Lady Death comes to life as an all-new six-inch tall, fully posable action figure from Executive Replicas and world-famous LooseCollector.

Piboshi Desk Pad Review

Before I begin my review, I did receive this item at a discounted price to enable me to do this review. All my views are unbiased and are how I truly feel about the product in question. The Piboshi Desk Pad for the office or home is a 33" x 14" Large Desk Writing Mat and multifunctional Organizer. It is thinly made non-slick desk pad that is made of leather and waterproof that helps with making your work space look more professional as well as other uses.

Tokyo Pop LOVExLOVE Preview

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Romance is in the air at TOKYOPOP and they got just what you’re looking for; With shoujo, josei, girls love, boys love and more, their new LOVE x LOVE line has something for everyone! One of TOKYOPOP’s core company beliefs is that “love is love” and all types of romance deserve to be celebrated. LOVE x LOVE was born from that idea and their commitment to representing a variety of stories and voices as diverse as their fans. In supporting the LGBTQ+ community with manga that reflects their identities TOKYOPOP has rolled out several new and upcoming LOVE x LOVE mangas.

GLD x MARVEL Official Pendants

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What started in a basement in Pittsburgh PA by friends Christian Johnston and Dan Folger has become an international brand with millions of customers and followers. Now headquartered in a 12,000 square foot facility in Miami, FL, GLD is poised to launch its flagship retail location while continuing to expand the brand challenging everyone to work hard, play hard and give back. GLD has been fortunate to collaborate with A-List celebrities, top athletes, brands like the NBA and now Marvel Entertainment.

Preview: Mezco One 12 June 2020

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Whether you’re new to the Mezco One:12 line or a long time fan you’ll be glad to see these 2 newest additions to the One:12 line. While these characters have had figures in the One:12 line before, these new versions will excite any collector and fan. So regardless of whether you’re a Marvel or a DC you will be pleased with these 2 new releases. Introducing One:12 Collective vampire hunter extraordinaire Blade and the Amazon Princess Wonder Woman.   

Preview: Nightwing Samurai Collectibles statue

XM Studios, an award-winning producer of luxury art collectibles adds another member of the Bat-Family to their amazing Samurai series collection. The samurai series characters include: Barbara Gordon Batgirl as a ninja assassin, Warlord Bane, Demon Swordmaster Deathstroke, Batman Shogun, Samurai Robin, and a Bosozoku, Harajuku, Geisha inspired Harley Quinn. Unfortunately all those characters are no longer are available for order, but XM Studios is proud to announce the latest addition to Samurai Series… Nightwing!