Anime NYC Panel: Making Manga in Two Very Different Publishing Environments

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Moderated by Janna Morishima of Janna Co at Anime NYC 2019, this panel discussion features industry professionals: Misako of Misako Rocks, Gina Gagliano of Random House Graphic, and Erik Ko of Udon Entertainment & Manga Classics. They discuss how Japan and the U.S.’s comics publishing industries work and have evolved.

Panel description: The comics industry in the US has been experiencing a massive boom recently. Meanwhile, the comics industry in Japan has been going strong for decades. How have the two countries’ publishing industries evolved differently? How do editors work with creators in Japan, versus in the US? Could we learn from each other? In this panel, editors and creators from both Japan and the US will discuss how their respective publishing processes and industries differ, and what best practices we should “steal” from each other.

From L to R: Gina Gagliano, Janna, Erik Ko, & Misako

For those that are curious about how it is to work in publishing or to work with a publisher this was a great panel for you to check out. They discuss working in the comics industry in the United States as both a single issue publisher and a graphic novel publisher. The differences in Japanese publishing and marketing practices which is a far and very different process than we are used to here in the states. Each panelists brings their own stories and experience in the field which can scare you away from getting published or encourage you to pursue it further.

This is video is the majority of the panel with discussion and information that I'm sure all you will enjoy.