My Top 5 No Wi-Fi Mobile Games

As a New Yorker and frequent traveler this past year, it does become important to find ways to entertain yourself. When traveling by subway or plane only certain games will work best because they do not require you to use Wi-Fi or even have a phone signal. 

Best part is none of these games will bring unwanted attention to yourself like Candy Crush, and as an added benefit some of them are even educational. So with that in mind I have a few games on my device that I think that will keep you entertained, pass the time, and are just plain fun. As a reminder these are not what games I think are the greatest, just my own personal favorites that I enjoy playing. 

5) Chess Free by AI Factory Limited

One of the oldest games in the history of mankind, Chess! Chess Free is a free to play game that doesn’t require a phone signal or Wi-Fi so you can pretty much just start playing immediately. You don’t even need to connect it to any social media or Google Play, but Google Play does give you achievement rewards like a console game. Some of the great features are: 

  • 2-player mode where you and a friend can each take turns playing on the same device. So you will need to be sitting right next to each other to start and finish the game. 
  • In game tutor to help you make smarter decisions 
  • 12 Levels of gameplay difficulty from Beginner to Expert
  • Game Analysis to review your previous game and work out strategy for future games
  • Various skins for your chess pieces and boards to reflect your mood or personality 
  • Achievements, Leader boards, and cloud saves to keep track of win/loss records as well as where you left off mid game

Regardless of your skill level chess is the ultimate brain game, plus Chess Free is well free. It's a good game to have on your phone in case you need something simple to pass the time or just look like an intellectual while playing in public. 

4) Domino by Loop Games Inc

For those that want a bit of nostalgia with their game play, I'm talking memories of family BBQs or sitting on your porch steps on hot summer nights then Domino by Loop Games is just the game for that. Dominoes is a simple game of being the first person to discard their dominoes before anyone else by matching the number tile on the board with those in your hand. At least that is one way to play the game. 

Game modes include Draw, All Fives, and Block. Draw, as the name implies, is basically should you find yourself without the correct pip number to put down from your own hand you keep drawing from the domino pile until you can play a domino. All Fives is a more points based game which each score being added as a multiples of 5. So the more multiples of 5 you get the higher your score. Block plays like Draw except that if you are unable to make a move or if the tile you pick up doesn't match a tile on the board then you are forced to pass until you are able to make a move or both players are forced to concede. 

3) BlackJack by Super Lucky Casino

BlackJack by Super Lucky Casino is a free to play no network game which is great for people who prefer a casino games over anything else. Once you load the game you get a free set of chips to bet and off you go to win/lose big. It's a nice relaxing game playing against an A.I. dealer. 

Unlike most casino games there are no benefits to to winning, meaning it is not connected to any real world casino. It's just a game where you play with fake money. There are some casino games where you can earn points to win real world prizes, but this is not that type of game. So the only real risk is how often you spend playing the game versus getting work done or missing your stop to your destination. 


2) Word Connect by Zentertain

Prefer a game like words 4 friends without the friends and challenge your vocabulary, then try Word Connect. It's a classic word scramble/fill in the blanks game that is both challenging and fun. Sometimes you only get 3 letter tiles and have to fill in 4 blanks which seem easy enough until that last word seems to be out of reach until you happen upon it by accident. You can even find bonus words that aren't one of the blanks that you have to fill, but will net you bonus points for in game currency that can be used for unlocking cosmetic changes to the game and hints to solve puzzles in the game when you are stuck. 

The game has over 300 levels plus daily specials and special calendar puzzles that will provide you with endless gameplay. Since this is strictly a one player affair you put out Facebook request for help, but no versus mode whatsoever. The wooden black tiles and game board add to the game environment making it feel like you are playing a tabletop game. 

1) Flow Free Hexes by Big Duck Games

Flow Free Hexes is a game where you connect various colored letters to their twin. Sounds easy enough, but their connections must form a pipe path doesn't block the other letters. Some puzzles, when you start, are easy as hell and others become grueling difficult until you figure out the trick that makes it easy to connect everything. The game touts over 2100 mind bending puzzles which include time trials and bonus daily puzzles. 

It is the perfect puzzle game that gives such self gratification for being able to solve the puzzles regardless of how fast or how many moves it took you. It really forces you to think and focus on the task at hand that you can easily become absorbed in the game and block out the world around you. Again it does not require to have an internet connection, it's free to play, and it is a great game to have that does not take up much space on your phone. 

These games as I said are just my personal recommendations and favorites to play when I either can't connect to the internet or need something fun to play that isn't a RPG, Shooter, or Fighting based game. No story mode just pick up and play. Hopefully you'll enjoy these games as well during a long car ride, your daily commute, or during a layover at the airport. 

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