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Review: Death Note Special One Shot (spoilers)

You're Store for Anime, Manga, Figures Ane More
Death Note: Special One Shot
Story by Tsugumi Ohba
Art by Takeshi Obata

On February 3rd, 2020 Viz was kind enough to give fans of the Death Note series a special treat in the form of a free read digital copy of the new Death Note One Shot Manga. The highly anticipated return of the Death Note series comes with some notable returning characters and of course a few new ones as well. Of course the question now is does this new Death Note "change the world" of Death Note or do we get more of the same? Warning: This review will contain spoilers!!!

My Top 5 No Wi-Fi Mobile Games

As a New Yorker and frequent traveler this past year, it does become important to find ways to entertain yourself. When traveling by subway or plane only certain games will work best because they do not require you to use Wi-Fi or even have a phone signal. 

Namilia's Herotica collection features top adult film stars

Today in NYC during Fashion Week design house Namilia will be debuting their Herotica collection on the runway at Pier 59.