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Logo with Akame
During a panel at Anime NYC 2019 Viz announced new titles that they will be publishing and releasing during the Summer of 2020. One will be a best of series collection and the other will be a new ongoing series based on a popular video game series. Viz also announce that they acquired several titles for digital release and the increased publishing time of one of their current titles that is sure to please a lot of fans of the series. 

Yen Press Announces Summer Acquisitions

While events going into the summer may have an air of uncertainty around them, there are still a few things to look forward to. Yen Press has recently announced their acquisition of 7 new titles to add to any Otaku's collection for the month of August 2020. The titles ranging from the fantastical to everyday slice of life. So if you are looking to add to your current collection or start your Christmas shopping early, here are some titles to look forward to. 

Anime NYC Panel: Making Manga in Two Very Different Publishing Environments

You're Store for Anime, Manga, Figures Ane More
Moderated by Janna Morishima of Janna Co at Anime NYC 2019, this panel discussion features industry professionals: Misako of Misako Rocks, Gina Gagliano of Random House Graphic, and Erik Ko of Udon Entertainment & Manga Classics. They discuss how Japan and the U.S.’s comics publishing industries work and have evolved.

NSFW: The 2020 HotMovies Pornament

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With the cancellations of the majority of live events due to the virus outbreak, there are still some events that will not have that issue at all. Granted it is not a live event or an event to share with the family, but it is something to keep you busy during the outbreak. On March 16th at 12pm Hot Movies launched their 6th annual HotMovies Adult Film Star tournament.

Review: Death Note Special One Shot (spoilers)

You're Store for Anime, Manga, Figures Ane More
Death Note: Special One Shot
Story by Tsugumi Ohba
Art by Takeshi Obata

On February 3rd, 2020 Viz was kind enough to give fans of the Death Note series a special treat in the form of a free read digital copy of the new Death Note One Shot Manga. The highly anticipated return of the Death Note series comes with some notable returning characters and of course a few new ones as well. Of course the question now is does this new Death Note "change the world" of Death Note or do we get more of the same? Warning: This review will contain spoilers!!!

My Top 5 No Wi-Fi Mobile Games

As a New Yorker and frequent traveler this past year, it does become important to find ways to entertain yourself. When traveling by subway or plane only certain games will work best because they do not require you to use Wi-Fi or even have a phone signal. 

Namilia's Herotica collection features top adult film stars

Today in NYC during Fashion Week design house Namilia will be debuting their Herotica collection on the runway at Pier 59.

Hands On Review: One Piece Pirate Warriors 4

Let me start off by wishing everyone a Happy New year! Hope everyone has had a great start to the New Year and ended 2019 nicely. I was fortunate enough end my con season at Anime NYC. This year’s Anime NYC was definitely a step up from last year’s. It definitely got bigger in terms of size, audience, guests, panels, and booths. Anime NYC is growing in the best way possible and definitely has everyone looking forward to next year. During 2019’s Anime NYC I got an opportunity to tryout the upcoming One Piece Pirate Warriors 4 demo. If you are fan of the Dynasty Warriors series, Hyrule Warriors, or just a One Piece fan in general, then this is a game that should already be on your radar or you already put in your pre-order.