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It was a hot steamy night in NYC, Victor had just finished coaching one of his fighters after a grueling 3 rounds in the Finals of the NY Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament. He stepped out of the ring, with his almost as exhausted lanky young whiplashed boxing apprentice. It was at that moment, with the lights blurring above my head and the noise of the crowd ringing in my ears that he realized that it’s time Victor, he said to himself, time to leave the world of boxing and go to where his heart and soul have always been - as a comic book illustrator. Thus began the journey of the creation of Takashi the Wanderer.

Victor Rojas, a USA Certified Boxing Coach for over 15 years and a schooled illustrator comic book artist from Queens, New York. Wanting to create a comic book is one thing, but doing it is another thing like stepping into the ring. 

"At the point of my last coached fight, I had not drawn in years. I had given up my art dreams early to raise my son as a single father. I got into the boxing game as a trainer and a coach as a way to support us. I am thankful to the sport of boxing for helping me live. Not only by putting food on our table, but by giving me the belief that anything is possible." -Victor Rojas

Takashi the Wanderer is story about a lone boxer roaming the post apocalyptic NYC. In this first issue we find him navigating through Queens. He starts working for a woman named Emily Paige, who runs a water purification ranch and has use of her great grandfather's technology from the old world. In this new world all knowledge of fighting has been washed away with time, but Takashi was raised by a band of monks who were the last to practice the art of boxing. After their monastery was destroyed Takashi, the lone survivor, has to use his knowledge of the sweet science to protect himself and others from the warrior tribes that control NYC.

"When I made this life decision, I made a promise to myself that I would do whatever it took to become the best comic book illustrator and creator possible. I began feverishly picking up my pens and pencils , sketch pads and anything I could use to again hone my art skills. I spent evening after evening at The Art Students League , Drink and Draws, locked in my tiny room pouring over references and making art. When I first got into drawing in the ‘90s guys like McFarlane and Jim Lee were the people I idolized and they seemingly had a smaller pool of quality illustrators amongst whom to compete for top rank in the comic book world." -Victor Rojas

In this book Victor is the artist, the writer, and colorist. He built up his skill set the same way he learned to box: "Punch by punch, move by move". The backdrop of Takashi was chosen as a post apocalyptic world in an effort to enhance the shine of the sweet science. In this first issue, now live on Indiegogo, we see him start working for a woman named Emily Paige. She runs a water purification ranch, in which she has use of her great grandfather's technology from the old world. We also meet Lothair a warlord who rules NYC and Takashi's main antagonist. He and Takashi are destined to collide. In this first issue, the reader gets their introduction into this world and it’s players. 

"A year or two after re-starting my obsession with illustrating daily, I drafted my first iteration of “Takashi the Wander” The story came to me because I wanted to create a superhero that was more “hero” and less “super.” The main hero, Takashi, is the type of hero a person can actually become if he or she puts the work in - he is all heart and hard work. I decided to put him in a post-apocalyptic world in which all forms of hand to hand combat have been eradicated. With this backdrop, in a world where no one has heard of a boxer, Takashi is a superhero." -Victor Rojas

In his journey of creating this final version on Indiegogo, he asked for advice from other comic book artists and they generously gave me tips that helped him to shape what I am proud to deliver in this final product. He thanks fellow artist Brian Stelfreeze, who spent over 30 minutes with him at a Comic Con booth reviewing the book and giving pointers. He chose to put this out on Indiegogo, because he felt the time was right for independent  creators like to throw our hat in the ring and find an audience for what we have to say.

"I do not know if my campaign will hit the marks I want it to but I can say that I made the book I wanted to make. Proud of the quality of work and hope to strike a chord with people who enjoy my Tarantino-esque story". -Victor Rojas

The art style really conveys the power of Takashi's punches. It does remind me of the animated series Archer with it's strong and bold lines and facial expressions that stand out. His line work definitely conveys his love for 90s comic book artists. It's an original work that deserves to have eyes on it and I would hate to have it stop at just issue one. If you can contribute to the IndieGoGo campaign or at least share it around social media feel free to do so and let's see where the journey takes us. The rewards with each tier are just as awesome especially at Round 4.