Review: Universal Selfie LED Ring Light

The XJ-01 Selfie Ring Light is a great accessory for those looking to upgrade their selfie and foodie game. The ring light comes in 3 colors: black, white, & pink, is made from a hard plastic so it's somewhat durable, and requires 2 AAA batteries to operate. A great feature of this selfie light is that it has 3 dimmable settings so you can change how bright of a light you want. It is very lightweight so it can be carried in pockets and handbags without it feeling like a weight.

The XJ-01 Selfie Ring Light can definitely be used for a variety of things other than selfies and food photos, like toy photography or just extra lighting for your non-low-light cell phones. This particular product ships all the way from China which I found weird for a company located in Massachusetts, so this review took longer to get done. As you see from the packaging it really pushes the emphasis on being a beauty enhancing light. The package came in decent shape, through the mail, but what's important is the contents.

Out of the box the ring light looks nice and compact. It attaches to the phone like a clip, so depending on where and how your front and back cameras are this will definitely make using this a waste of time and money. So of course you have to be sure about your camera orientation. This will definitely not work well if you have a case on your phone as it will not fit over your phone and have a black bar effect on the bottom of your back facing camera. You can use the ring light as either a selfie light or as an extra light for other shots. 

When I did not remove the case from my phone I got a black bar. 

Even with my house lights on the selfie light adds more

It definitely removes the shadows from the mouse and keyboard area very well, at the high setting. The color of the light isn't warm, but a cool daylight which I think works best for selfies & other shots as well. Obviously depending on what batteries you use is what will determine how long the selfie light will last in terms of battery life. It is a lightweight plastic so dropping it will most likely cause it to break or crack. 

Retail price at $33.80, currently on sale for $25.33 on their website. I was able to receive this product at 70% off for the purposes of this review. I'm not really a selfie person so I couldn't take it through its paces. I would definitely recommend this product at its sale price, but at full price it seems a little high even with its 3-level Adjustable Brightness (low, medium and high) brightness mode. Plus the fact it only takes batteries and not rechargeable, unless you use rechargeable batteries. If there was something that made this particular selfie light stand out the most then I would say it's worth it, but there are other selfie lights that do it just the same and/or better.