Review: Superhero socks

SuperHeroStuff - New Socks!
When it comes to the clothes we are our styles say a lot about us. But when you work at an office, you can't always express yourself they way you'd normally want to. Luckily in this day and age there are plenty of ways to be subtle and not so subtle about your fandoms. FairlyShe's Men's Crew socks feature the logo and patterns of your favorite Heroes from DC & Marvel Comics. 

The socks are made of 85% Acrylic,10% Polyester,5% Spandex and they feel really comfortable. Like these can be your new lounge around the house socks vs your subtle dress socks. They claim to be anti-bacterial and odor resistant: combining cotton and polyester fibers to absorb sweat and prevent odor. These particular socks come run in shoe size 6-12, but will definitely fit shoe size 13 comfortably.  

The actual sock designs work well for a few of them; Punisher being the obvious one, followed by Deadpool, Batman, and Superman. I was a disappointed by the Captain America socks since it feels like they were trying to differentiate it from the Superman socks. In reality it doesn't need to happen especially since the socks have the name and the logo of each superhero. So the need to differentiate colors of 2 heroes with the same color scheme is not necessary. The socks vary in length so if you were having thoughts of mixing and matching that idea already goes out the window. You'd just look like you got dressed in the dark rather than showing off your hero fandom. 

If you work in an office where you need to be low key about how you dress, or just prefer being lowkey in your wardrobe about your fandom, or if you are looking to coordinate you geekwear then these are the socks to add to your already growing collection. It is almost Halloween at the time of this post, and Christmas is around the corner so these socks are perfect for either season or all year round.  SuperHeroStuff - Shop Now! Let Your Geek SideShow