Review: Dininge Stainless Steel Tumbler

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The Dininge Stainless Steel Tumbler is the latest product from Dininge. This Dininge insulated Tumbler features Long Lasting Freshness: The premium quality double walled vacuum insulated stainless steel coffee cup with its rubber lid will maintain the temperature of your beverage for a long time. It will seal the aroma and freshness of the drink inside the cup. 

The tumbler looks cool at first sight and definitely holds well on your hands. But for someone like myself who has big hands vs someone with an average hand size I don't know how well they would feel about it. The actual material of the cup doesn't feel slippery, the no sweat claim holds true so regardless of the temperature of the cup you will have no moisture on or around the cup. 

It's dishwasher safe, BPA free, features a no sweat design that makes them easy to use. The perfect sized vacuum insulated tumbler with diameter is of 3.5” top, 7” height and 2.75” bottom diameter this is easy to carry and fits all standard sized cup holders. 

The tumbler itself is not spill proof unfortunately. It will spill once tilted without question. It holds the temperature of your coffees/teas and waters/juices really well. Had ice in my drink and that ice did not melt after a half hour. My coffee didn't go warm or cool off, it remained at a nice hot temp and made it enjoyable. While I did receive this at a discount for this review, it is definitely a high quality product worth it's original price: $17.99. I'm sure there are spill tumblers out there for a more expensive price, but for the price and its convenience Dininge is definitely worth the price. You can find the tumbler on Amazon or on the Dininge website

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