DBZ Sailor Moon photoshoot

On June 2nd I had the pleasure of being photographer/videographer for a big Sailor Moon/Dragonball Z mash-up photoshoot in Central Park NYC. The shoot was organized by cosplayer Aurora Kelly cosplay (City Alien), a local cosplayer from the NYC area. She did not just organize a simple group shoot with Sailor Moon and Dragon Ball Z cosplayers, she organized a shoot based on the art work of drawings from hell, that had both teams of character cross dress in their counterparts outfits. So you had a Sailor Moon dressed as Goku and vice versa, Krillin dressed as Sailor Venus, Sailor Mars dressed as Yamcha, and so on and so forth. 


It was a hot summer day in NYC and there was also a parade going on in the city, so of course that made it hard to meet up since you had to navigate mazes of police barricades to get from point A to point B. Once we got inside the park it was not as chaotic as one would expect it to be. We were able to shoot 2 locations without much interference from curious onlookers, except for one photographer who just would not take an obvious hint. At our first location we got some on and off rainfall that was just crazy. It did make the park cooler and the overcast of clouds did help with not having to deal with shadows in our photos. 

At our second location however it was a bit more to deal with since people were hiding out in the underpass at Central Park to avoid the rain. Plus the puddles left behind by the rain, and surprisingly Wedding photos were being taken at the same time. The best outcome form that was that the soon to be Husband & Wife loved our cast of cosplayers so much that they included them in their wedding photo. So years from now they will have a great story to tell friends and family. 

Lead photographer for this shoot was John(@jmw_photography_59) along with myself and fellow photographers Anthony Perez (@kronos2501), and Steve (@steeveelution).

Our cast of cosplayers starting with the Sailor Moon team:
SailorDream Cosplay (@sailordreamcosplay) as Bulma cosplaying Tuxedo Mask
Rin Cosplay (@rincosplaynyc) as Sailor Pluto cosplaying Piccolo
Emy (@electricemy) as Sailor Mercury cosplaying Vegeta
Kim (@senpai.kim) as Sailor Mars cosplaying Yamcha
Shazuhime (@shazuhime) as Sailor Moon cosplaying Goku
PalmTop Ginger (@palmtopginger) as Chibi Moon cosplaying as Gohan
Pika (@pika.__) as Sailor Jupiter cosplaying as Tien
Aurora (@city.alien) as Sailor Venus cosplaying as Krillin
Rose (@scarlettrosescosplay) as Sailor Uranus cosplaying as Android 18

Our Dragon Ball Z cosplayers:
Elisha (@spidey_verse) as Piccolo cosplaying Sailor Pluto
Colin (@infinitepolygoncosplay) as Trunks cosplaying Sailor Saturn
Odanis (@newyorkssixthranger) as Yamcha cosplaying Sailor Mars
Louis (@gokusupersaiyangod26) as Goku cosplaying Sailor Moon
Rob (@robmar16) as Tien cosplaying Sailor Jupiter
Joby (@jock_of_the_nerds) as Krillin cosplaying Sailor Venus
Anna (@inuyanna) as Android 18 cosplaying Sailor 
Alfie (@peculiar_events) as Android 17 cosplaying as Sailor 

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