Featuring one of the most iconic swords in gaming, the Twilight Princess Master Sword. It’s both USB and battery powered, so it can light your way through the Twilight Forest or light your room during a trip to the bathroom or a long night of gaming session. 

It is approximately 30cm (12″) tall, USB cable is included, and of course batteries (3x AA) not included. With a simple push on the triforce logo the top of the base lights up and you immediately feel the urge to pull the sword from its base. Unfortunately the sword is not removable, but it looks cool just staring at it all lit up. 

This is a great gift for for any fan of the series, both hardcore and casuals alike. For toy photographers or instagrammers I'm sure the idea factory is just exploding right now with ideas. It is currently on sale at Merchoid at a price of $42.99. With the amount of detail put into this it, plus USB ports, and the fact that it is an officially licensed product does make it worth the price. And remember order yours as soon as possible, because when Merchoid puts something out, they always sell out almost immediately.

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