Review: Mpow Flame2 Bluetooth Headphones

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I'm sure by now everyone has heard about the affordable bluetooth headphones from the company Mpow. Cited for their great designs, easy to use features, comfortability, and sound quality; your favorite tech Youtubers and tech sites could not stop raving about them. When checking for these on Amazon, Isaw that an upgraded version, the Mpow Flame2, headphones were currently available and I figured why not give these a shot. 

I prefer headphones over earbuds because living in NYC and taking the subway everyday you need as much of your own personal sounds than the sound of city and the people. But I needed earbuds for when I travel light and these were the best thing ever. I had not seen a lot of people talk about the Flame2. I would have figured someone would have done a follow up. So I just went on Amazon and did some comparison shopping. 

From the Amazon Page

Using chart above as a guide and reading consumer reviews; one thing that stood out about the original vs the Flame2 was that it the original sound wise was bass heavy. I don't mind bass, but not every song on your playlist benefits from it. What I love about the Flame2 is the sound you get is just fantastic. Like everyone has said for the low price it is some amazing quality.My playlists range from Rap, to J-Rock, Heavy Metal, and to Classical music. Listening to my various playlist on the Mpow Flame2 just made me not want to take them off. 

These aren't noise cancelling, they are noise isolation meaning that you can hear background noises but they can be drowned out enough but what you are listening to without messing up your groove. I found them great at blocking out street noises, but I tend to have my volume turned up high. With these I actually had to turn them down a few notches so I wouldn't go deaf; so that's a plus in my book.  

Speaking of which; putting them on was tricky at first since I've never had earbuds like these. You do get used to them, plus it helps that they come with a variety of ear tips that you use to customize your fit. So once you got your fit figured out, walking around with them on was just the best. You didn't feel any pressure on your ears, they didn't feel like they were falling out at any point. You can walk or run with these on with extreme confidence. 

I've never had a real chance to test out the battery life, but I had them running while doing errands for half the day and they didn't fall below 90% when I was done. So for about 3-4 hours straight my battery was going strong. The controls were easy to use once you got a hang of them. You had volume controls on the top of the right ear piece that also doubled as your rewind fast forward buttons when held down. Using them to answer calls was just as simple as pressing the On switch. Using them for Google voice was just fantastic, might have played with that way too much. They did not work well with Bixby on my Samsung Note 8  

Pairing these was quick and easy. Once you have them paired they connect right away. I believe they can also be paired through NFC touch on your phone, which I found awkward to do. The bluetooth connection did give me 1 issue, while listening to one of my favorite tracks, Band Maid 'Choose Me', there were a drops that lasted for about a millisecond. And it did happen it did not ruin the track, it was almost seamless. It doesn't really happen often so that could be a testament to the quality and strength of the bluetooth V5.0 connection.   

As shown above, your Mpow Flame2 come with: 

  • USB Charging Cable USB (1)
  • EVA Carrying Case (1)
  • Cable Clip (1)
  • Cable Clothing Clip (1)
  • User Manual (1)
  • Ear Wings (S, M, L) (3 Pairs)
  • Normal Ear Tips (XS, S, M, L) (4 Pairs)
  • Memory Foam Ear Tips (1 Pair)
The carrying case is a hardshell which is great for stuffing it in your bag or if you have big enough pockets in your pants. The charging cable isn't that long, like 3 inches. The instruction booklet that comes with it is pretty clear on how to use the product and change out parts. All in all the Mpow Flame2 is a great buy and at $24.99 on Amazon you can't go wrong. Whether you just need a back up pair or a main pair of earbuds you can't go wrong with the Mpow Flame2.  



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