IDW Presents Sons of Chaos

Sons of Chaos
by Chris Jaymes & Ale Aragon
ISBN 978-1-68405-479-4
192-page, full-color hardcover graphic novel
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Written by Chris Jaymes and illustrated by Ale Aragon; Slated for release in June 2019, this oversized hardcover relates the real-life, heartrending story of the war that quietly shaped Western civilization. 

Sons of Chaos provides an immersive, panoramic experience for readers, harkening them back to the Mediterranean shores of 1821, where Marcos Botsaris, a child raised within the dungeons of an Ottoman Pasha, escapes captivity, falls in love, and fiercely leads Greece to bloody revolution.

The Greek Revolution, fought during the pinnacle of the Romantic Period, drew impassioned fighters from throughout the world (commoners and celebrities alike) to the battlefield. The war shattered the Ottoman Empire and, even as we now approach its 200th anniversary, its lingering tensions yet plague the Eastern and Western worlds.

“Nearly a decade of work has gone into creating Sons of Chaos, and the masterfully gifted, international individuals involved have created an experience that I’m eternally blessed to be a part of. It’s epic, it’s vulnerable, it’s vicious... and it brings pivotal events from our recent past to light, exposing the circumstances responsible for shaping our present-day conflicts.” -Writer Chris Jaymes

The interiors for this are just exquisite, definitely reminiscent of Frank Miller's 300. The art style of Ale Aragon is just so expressive from page to page. Like looking at a moving image. To see history brought to life in this way is always a great thing. While it may be war/revolution, it is beautifully done. 

“Sons of Chaos brings the real-life history of the Greek War of Independence to the comics page in a thrilling, 'sword and shooter’ epic that marries Mediterranean history with the sensibilities of Game of Thrones. Like me, many readers will find themselves considering this 19th Century war for the first time!" -Justin Eisinger, Editorial Director of Graphic Novels & Collections for IDW Publishing

Sons of Chaos is now available for pre-order via online booksellers and comic book specialty retailers.

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