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IDW founder and Diablo House writer/co-creator Ted Adams and Locke & Key artist/co-creator Gabriel Rodríguez are excited to present an all-new interpretation of H.G. Wells’ classic science fiction novel, The Island of Dr. Moreau.

Debuting in July, the two-part comic book tale of terror and evolution will be colored by Nelson Dániel and lettered by Robbie Robbins. Remaining faithful to Wells’ plot, dialogue, and Victorian era setting, Adams and Rodríguez replaced Edward Prendick, the original witness protagonist, with a new creation, Ellen Prendick. Her inclusion allowed the creative team to explore a new version of one of the world’s favorite stories through the eyes of a more active character with a different and refreshing point of view on the cursed island’s horrific events.

Much like other publishers, Manga Classics for example, IDW is bringing classic literature to life in a graphic novel form. While IDW is stating that they will remain faithful to the original book, changing Edward to Ellen does change things a lot in terms how characters would interact with this character. Also saying they will explore a new version of this world through her eyes makes one wonder will they add more scenes not in the book and be original or will they simply be more detailed in how the book described certain situations because of the new medium.

“To provide a vivid, immersive experience for the reader, we set the narrative of Dr. Moreau entirely in double-page spreads, a format that builds a rich world for the characters and presents the mystery and terror in a thrilling and concise way. We also push the boundaries of the Beast Folk’s design to a point where familiar animal shapes, imbued with traces of human expression, feel genuinely disturbing. It’s been an exciting challenge to capture the fundamental wonder and horror of the novel.” -Rodríguez

The design of the human/animal hybrids are insanely good and will definitely grab readers attention. Whether you are fan of the original or are new to the story, the art will keep you make this a keep in your collection. I personally feel it does a better job the Brando/Kilmer movie in terms of style, storytelling, and reinterpretation. 

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