First Voice Activated Murder Mystery Game

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A game unlike any other, using Amazon's Alexa as your dungeon master. X2, the maker of this revolutionary new game, is a game company of incorrigible boundary-pushers and unapologetic futurists who make games that are designed to challenge convention.

"Our philosophy is that if you bring great minds together, and empower them with technology and creative freedom, you'll end up with something extraordinary." -X2
What that means is that they make games that haven’t been made before, in spaces no one thought to try. 
"We work, create and imagine at the intersection of gaming, cinema and A.I., on a constantly shifting technological frontier. Whether pioneering AI-powered board games or ‘gamifying’ interactive TV, our titles always strive to be fun, immersive and emotive experiences that are designed to connect. To resonate with audiences beyond the addictive gameplay." -X2

What sets ST. NOIRE apart from any other board game is the unique voice interaction through Amazon Alexa. Combining charming and genre-aware writing with Alexa’s ability to guide and randomize each game session, means no two games will be exactly the same. In addition, the game is brought to life through cinematic sound design and a rogues’ gallery of fully-voiced characters that you can interact with.

Taking on the role of a grizzled, dime-novel detective, you’re tasked with solving a murder in the mysterious small town of St. Noire; straight off the pages of a Chandler and Hammett book. In order to crack the case, you’ll need to question suspects, search for clues around town, and use all your deductive reasoning to figure out whodunnit!

As the first immersive Alexa board game, St. Noire Is played on a stylish noir-themed game board, with players using the Alexa skill to interview suspects (who have the ability to lie to players), while keeping track of their investigation using beautifully designed character cards and murder weapon tokens. The identity of the killer is randomized on each play-through, which makes every new game feel fresh and unpredictable; whether playing solo or with your friends.

For fans of the genre, like myself, or video games like L.A. Noire, this game is a dream come true. You don't need to have a group of friends, you can just play this game by yourself and still enjoy the challenge and the game. Add that each play through the outcome will be different makes the games replay-ability insanely good as a single/multi-player game as well as a challenge in terms of finishing the game. Games like this opens up the possibilities of Alexa becoming an actual dungeon master for future games or maybe even current games. The responsibility of a DM doesn't need to fall on a single person and everyone involved can just enjoy playing the game. It just becomes a matter of how "creative" Alexa can get.Consumers can pre-order St. Noire now for $39.99 (ALEXA NOT INCLUDED), Ships on July 18. USA, LLC