Kinktra in the Raw Pegs Michael Vegas

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Kinktra in the Raw is considered to be one of the most popular sex-oriented podcasts featuring adult performers, educators, directors, and more. This week, they welcome one of the most well-regarded male performers in adult entertainment, Michael VegasEpisode 33 – Pegging Michael Vegas is a must-hear podcast for women and men who are enamored with or interested in knowing more about his charismatic personality, intelligence, and stellar performances; he gets additional bonus points from hosts Jane and Erinn the Rawest for his love of pegging. Michael and the ladies explain the joys of pegging and the P-spot—it’s both educational and entertaining.

“Michael is super sultry and a one-of-a-kind guest, who we had wanted to get on the show from the very beginning. We’ve never had a male performer on like him before, and we were really blown away by him and so will our listeners.” -Jane Jett.

Jane Jett is a tantra/kink educator and podcast host who believes sexual empowerment comes through education and awareness. She hosts the podcast Kinktra in the Raw with co-host Erinn the Rawest with the goal to teach women to be authentic in their sexuality. Kinktra in the Raw is a sexual and intellectual guide to all things pleasure that openly discusses and educates listeners about sexual positivity, taboos, the benefits of sexual liberation, and much more. The show can be heard on iTunes, Spotify, Google Play, Stitcher, and Jane’s official website.

Ms. Jett’s official recently launched website rediscovers love, sex, and relationships and offers education in kink and tantra, as healing and educational tools. Follow her on social media on Twitter and Instagram at @JaneJett and Snapchat at misjanejett. Keep up with the latest news about her podcast and site on Twitter at @kinktra and @kinktraintheraw.

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