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Back in 2012 I got to see the now legendary wrestler Lufisto put on an amazing match that brought the house down against Leva Bates at WSU UNCENSORED RUMBLE V, and it wasn't even the main event. I was fortunate enough to have met Lufisto before and after the show and it was an absolute pleasure to meet her.After seeing her in one match you are instantly hooked and are looking forward to her next match. In that time she lost her manager Pegaboo, #RIPPegaboo, and transformed herself into the Wounded Owl! She has won various championships since then including the Shine Championship, which she held for a record 526 days making her the longest reigning Shine Champion to date. Since then I have been doing my best to keep up with her various matches throughout the states and internationally

vs Leva Bates at WSU Uncensored Rumble V

What most people didn't realize was that Lufisto had also modeled a lot of her wrestling gear after various comic book & anime characters. I saw this as a unique and somewhat subtle way of cosplaying in the ring without doing full blown cosplays like Leva Bates at that time. It was one of the most standout things about her for me, aside from her pension for inflicting pain on her opponents. She has modeled her wrestling gear after such characters like: Wolverine, Cutie Honey, a Sith Lord, Mighty Morphin Pink Ranger, and even a Japanese Schoolgirl Uniform. 

In 2013 I was able to interview her, via email, about her pro wrestling career and about cosplaying in the ring. Originally it was for a magazine publication that has long been out of print, but since then I had been planning on posting this interview to show my gratitude for Lufisto giving me her time to answer my questions. Especially with how busy she was.

Astor Cos Article

Baldwin: How was your childhood growing up?
Lufisto: My childhood was very quiet. I spent most of my days playing video games and drawing. I was a straight A student who loved heavy metal and grunge. At 12 years old, I began to play guitar and switched to bass guitar a year later to play in a band. I was the singer and bass player. I also sang in a choir. At 16, my drummer got me very interested in wrestling and I joined the local wrestling school of Sorel a year later.

BAS: How long were you in Japan for? What was that experience like?
Lufisto: The first time I went to Japan was in 2003 and I stayed there for 2 months. The training was tough, but effective and inspiring. My trainers taught me how to work around injuries and how to perfect the strong style of Japanese wrestling. The experience itself enlightened me about many things when it came to wrestling. It also helped me create my character, the Super Hardcore Anime. By being surrounded by anime everywhere, I was inspired by their paradox of being so cute yet deadly and violent at the same time.

BAS: What was your first experience with anime and manga?
Lufisto: I’ve always been a Legend of Zelda lover which led me to find Japanese cartoons and collectibles. I also remember watching TV shows like Sailor Moon, Goldorak (UFO Robot Grendizer), Power Rangers, and more. I’ve always love anime art; their costumes, facial expressions, and so on.

BAS: Favorite anime series or comic book characters?
Lufisto: I can’t really say that I have a favorite. As I mentioned before, anime art itself is what inspires me. I like to take some characters and tweak their style to match mine, like Cutie Honey. I really wish I had time to read more comics and watch a lot more shows.

BAS: What inspired you to incorporate cosplay with your wrestling attire?
Lufisto: Since I’m not a copy of one character in particular, I decided to incorporate many characters through my costumes, from Sailor Moon to Alice in Wonderland to Wonder Woman and so on. I just thought it would be interesting and different to do so. With time, a few people started to do the same, so I stopped wearing exact copies of costumes and designed my gear to be unique while being inspired by superheroes like Goldorak, Cutie Honey and Final Fantasy characters.

BAS: What are some of your favorite outfits?
Lufisto: I would say my latest red gear, made by Chilanga Mask, who also makes CM Punk, Rey Mysterio, and Sin Cara’s gear. It is very unique. Besides that, I always loved my pink plastic gear. It has my name written in Japanese on the leg and even if I have had it since 2005; I can’t get rid of it. I just love it too much.

BAS: Do you create your outfits yourself by hand or have help?
Lufisto: I design most of my outfits and when I don’t, I always give specific details to my seamstresses for what I want. So I create and have help at the same time.

BAS: What has been the reaction by fans and other wrestlers to your in-ring attire?
Lufisto: Usually people think the outfits are cool, original, and fun. With anime as inspiration, there are so many things I can wear so there isn’t a limit on what I can come up with.

BAS: How much fun are you having being able to cosplay and wrestle at the same time?
Lufisto: It’s amazing. There is never a dull moment. As I said before, there are no limits on what I can use when it comes to my gear.

BAS: The style in which you design your cosplays, is that based on your own personal style or just the fact that you wrestle?
Lufisto: It’s mainly because I wrestle. I don’t think I would wear anything that looks like my costumes in my daily regular life.

BAS: How would you describe your style in both cosplay and wrestling?
Lufisto: Fun, violent, and intense!

BAS: Have you attended any anime or comic book conventions?
Lufisto: Yes. I’ve been to Anime North in Toronto where I did wrestle and I’ve been to the Montreal Comic Con a few times.

BAS: What appearances are you making this year?
Lufisto: I will mainly wrestle for NSPW in Quebec City, NCW Femmes Fatales, WSU and Shimmer.

BAS: What kinds of cosplays can everyone expect to see from you this year?
Lufisto: I think people can expect great and original costumes inspired by Japanese superheroes, nothing that really exists in particular. I really want to change my style so it doesn’t look like anything other wrestlers would wear.

BAS: Who were your biggest supporters when you started wrestling?
Lufisto: My friend Luc was my first supporter and probably the only one. Not too many people believed that I could do something good in this sport besides him. My mom, although she didn’t really like wrestling, also always supported everything I did.

BAS: You have done so much in your wrestling career. What do you feel has been your best and favorite achievement in wrestling?
Lufisto: I would say that probably the fact that people now recognize and respect female wrestling in Quebec, where it was totally absent for a long time. Seeing my student, Kalamity, and my first student, Sweet Cherrie, succeed is also something I’m really proud of. Many matches come to mind as well, along with my trips to Mexico, Germany, and Japan. The fact that I succeeded when most people thought I would fail is a victory.

BAS: What is your main goal for wrestling?
Lufisto: To wrestle as long as I can and help my students to live up their dreams.

BCW Queen of the North 2019 by DJMikan

Unfortunately due to injury 2019 will be the final year of Lufisto being an in ring performer. While it is sad news to hear, she has made an impact in world of professional wrestling and on all of her fans and colleagues. I know whatever comes next for her she will be phenomenal just like she always is.You can read about more in detail on her website and on her facebook page. She also has a blog that will serve as a chronicle of her journey to the end of her career: Lufisto's Blog.

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