Virtual YouTuber Siro Figures

Virtual Youtube sensation Siro is being brought to life in figure form for the first time thanks in part to Kotobukiya and Tokyo Otaku Mode. Siro is one of many Virtual Tubers currently on the scene and has been featured in other media as well. She was originally a character from an unreleased mobile game Shojo Heiki Daisen (少女兵器大戦, lit. Girl's Weapon Wars) by Appland Co. and was promoted by the mobile game's official twitter. 

She has made appearances in various media like video games as well as starring in the anime Virtualsan Looking featuring other Virtual Youtubers(VTubers) currently streaming on Crunchyroll

Wearing her iconic dress, seen in her videos, this figure captures her lively expressions extremely well. Her fluffy double layered skirt flows intricately and adorable posing are recreated in elaborate detail, perfectly capturing the character’s charm. The volume of Siro’s flouncy skirt, and ribbons are full of eye-catching detail, and her accessories are carefully and accurately sculpted. The display stand resembles a dolphin, due to the high pitched squeals she sometimes lets out. 

An additional bonus face part, the “Smug” face expression, received the most votes at Anime Expo and the Kotobukiya booth at Wonder Festival 2018 to be included with the figure.The “Smug” face part will only be included with purchases distributed by Tokyo Otaku Mode when ordering overseas. In Japan, it is included with purchases from Tokyo Otaku Mode Projects, physical Kotobukiya shops, and the Kotobukiya Online Shop. Pre-Orders are currently available through Kotobukiya's or Tokyo Otaku Mode's site. Her figure is set to release in June, but like all pre-orders that is always subject to change. 

While this may be her first figure incarnation, this won't be her last. Slated for a May release, Siro will be getting her first Nendoroid figure. Nendoroid #994; She comes with three face plates: an adorable standard expression, a smiling expression, and her iconic smug expression. She also comes with a helmet and rifle based on her gameplay videos as well as eye stickers to change her expression. 

Unfortunately pre-orders for both her Nendoroid and Kotobukiya figure are already closed out. WIth any luck online retailers like Big Bad Toy Store or Amazon will have some stock.

This isn't the first time a youtuber(s) has gotten a figure made of them. Back in 2015 toy manufacturer Jazwares came out with Minecraft figures based on popular youtubers who played Minecraft called Tube Heroes. Tube Heroes hit the shelves of various toy stores like Toys R Us and Target and made a debut at Toy Fair NY that same year. - Online Shopping for Digital Codes, Video Games, Toys, Music, Electronics & more Entertainment Earth