Kidrobot Aggretsuko figure

NEW Adult Swim x Kidrobot Art Toys & Mini Figures
NEW Adult Swim x Kidrobot Art Toys & Mini Figures

Kidrobot headed to New York Toy Fair 2019, February 16th – 19th at Booth #5302, joining parent company and sister brands NECA, Yummy World, WizKids and Chia Pet. Kidrobot displayed the top items of 2018 and upcoming 2019 product releases from Sanrio, The Addams Family, Andy Warhol, Arcane Divination, Jeremyville and Frank Kozik.

On display was everyone's favorite office red panda Retsuko and her heavy metal singing side Aggretsuko! In vinyl form you can get her calm office form or her Heavy Metal form complete with devil horns. Both figures stand 6.5 inches tall and have Retsuko in her office uniform, but unfortunately there are no accessories like her mic or a serving tray. She stands on a brightly colored base with the Aggretsuko brand logo. Box packaging shows a progress bar in the shape of a guitar of how much rage Retsuko is filled with.  

The full Kidrobot x Aggretsuko collection will be dropping throughout the year, just in time for Season 2 of the Aggretsuko series on Netflix. Priced at $39.99 and available to order now!

Aggretsuko Rage Medium Vinyl Figure Aggretsuko Calm Medium Vinyl Figure

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