iCaddy: Designed for Kids by a Kid!

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"The idea for iCaddy began with 7 year-old Katrina, who, in an effort to limit fumbling with multiple mobile accessories, crafted a crude mobile device stand out of cardboard toilet paper rolls. Empathizing with his sister, big brother Chris Bocci created the multi-functional iCaddy, based on Katrina’s design, which enables mobile users to dock, charge and binge watch simultaneously."

iCaddy is a universal mobile device stand for tablets (including iPad and Kindle Fire) and smartphones. It includes a USB power bank, a charging cable and premium earbuds. All pieces are stored compactly in built-in storage compartments (never lose your earbuds again!) and it’s foldable, so it fits neatly in a backpack. Tablet battery life can be extended by up to 60% while phones can be completely recharged with the powerful 2600mAh battery pack. 

With Katrina in mind, Chris partnered with Molly Rosner, an original pop artist and creative director of ADH (American Dream House) Studio, to create cool and stylish kid-friendly designs, including solid bright colors and pop art-inspired patterns such as hearts, phones, skulls, cats, tropical, surf, splatter, camo, cherries and more.

“I was impressed with Katrina’s original iCaddy design. Kids’ minds are very creative and they have the benefit of not knowing what is impossible. It was a simple design but solved a major problem in Katrina’s life: keeping her Kindle upright so she could watch videos.” -Bocci.

This is convenient accessories when working at the desk or even at a coffee shop, whether you're Skyping, playing games, watching movies, or even reading a book this is something that I can see a lot of people wanting. 
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