Hasbro reveals first new Power Ranger Figure

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On August 18, 2018 Hasbro, the new home of Power Rangers, revealed to fans at PowerMorphicon & the world via twitter what their toy line for the teens with attitude would look like and they did not disappoint. The new Power Ranger toy line from Hasbro will be called the "Power Rangers Lightning Collection" featuring rangers from different seasons. The new toy line will make its debut around the same time as the premiere of the Hasbro Era of Power Rangers Beast Morphers in Spring 2019.

The new figure is reminiscent of the S.H. Figuarts line of toys from Japan that came out a few years ago, but with more details in the clothing as seen in the clothing. It follows their Star Wars Black & Marvel Legends collection in terms of detail and articulation, they will be 6 inch figures, plus fans will be able to swap heads between the Ranger helmet and the unmasked character. Which just adds to how much of a higher level Hasbro has already taken this particular toy line, especially when compared to the "Legacy" line. The fact that they don't look like "Powerful Rangers" makes it even better.

I feel that the Saban Legacy line was not a true success due to that fact that right off the back there were already production issues with toys not being accurate on small details, or bad paint jobs with figures like the Gold Zeo Ranger, or the fact that you have to wait and buy a metallic version to get the Ranger weapons for the majority of the figures. Whether the "Legacy" line will continue in 2019 still remains to be seen, considering that pre-orders for new figures are currently available.

Below you will see the actual tweet and a video showing the production of the White Ranger figure:

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