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Whipped Cream Review

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Whipped Cream
Starring: Daniil Simkin (The Boy), Sarah Lane (Princess Praline), Stella Abrera (Princess Tea Flower), Thomas Forster (Prince Coffee), Joseph Gorak (Prince Cocoa), Blaine Hoven (Don Zucchero), Alexi Agoudine (Chef & Doctor), Catherine Hurlin (Mademoiselle Marianne Chartreuse), Duncan Lyle (Ladislav Slivovitz), Roman Zhurbin (Boris Wutki),
Choreography: Alexei Ratmansky
Libretto and Score: Richard Strauss
Sets and Costumes: Mark Ryden
Lighting Design: Brad Fields
Conductor: David LaMarche

On July 2, 2018, I attended my first ballet performance by the American Ballet Theater company at Lincoln Center in New York City. It was a last minute on the whim plan to go out after work and enjoy myself. You would think that there would be plenty of performances to check out especially in during the summer months, but not all of them were able to fit my budget like this show did.