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Vans x Captain Marvel Sk8-Hi Review

On June of 2018 Vans collaborated, once again, with Marvel to bring some amazing new shoes, shirts, etc. Part of this new wave of Marvel gear is this awesome Captain Marvel Sk8-Hi. I have owned a couple of pairs of Vans for years and Sk8-Hi is always my favorite.

Sk-8 Hi is not only about the look but it is also comfortable to walk on. This pair of Captain Marvel Sk8-Hi has enhanced the level of awesomeness of the already cool-looking Sk8-Hi, which caught my eyes when I first saw it among the Vans x Marvel sneakers!

Featuring the details of Captain Marvel, this pair will certainly catch the attention from the others (especially the Marvel fans!) The color red, blue and gold resemble the color scheme of Captain Marvel's new uniform and at the back of the heel there is the Hala Star logo. The logo of Marvel is on the tongue of the shoe. Insoles have Captain Marvel on them which you can find the same graphic on the Vans X Marvel tee. The little details you shouldn't miss is the first eyelet for the shoelace is actually another Hala Star logo, the gold eyelets just go really well with the red shoe lace!

This pair of sneakers has included plenty of details of the hero and at the same time it blends in with the sneakers so well. It is not only made for fans but also a very stylish pair that shouldn't be missed. It is perfect for any fans especially for those who wants to stay low-profile (like I do). Marvel fans will certainly recognize the details but to other who is not a fans of Marvel (yet) will definitely think this pair looks stylish with its sharp color palette on the sneakers.

Certain sizes are still available for sale but they are running out fast!

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General Marvel

Vans X Marvel 2

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It was announced that Vans and Marvel were doing a Marvel Avengers collaboration for Vans’ shoes and apparel again. Back in 2013 the 2 companies came together to launch a bevy of footwear and accessories. This time it’s a full line of t-shirts, backpacks, socks, hoodies, and various shoe/sneaker types. 

The “Off The Wall” collection is set to release on June 8th so don’t worry too much about not finding something you may like, because there will be plenty to choose from. You can sign up on the Vans site to be notified of details about the collection and of course when it launches. Details may include discount codes, which brick & mortar locations have which items, etc. The collection is not inspired by the Marvel movies, but from the actual comic book pages themselves; although that won’t stop them from pushing more merchandise of certain heroes that are or will be in upcoming films more than so than others.

For this collection, we have 70-plus sku’s across footwear and apparel. This was definitely a unique project because we tried to capture the essence of Marvel. The initial collaboration in 2013 mainly focused on accessories and footwear. This season we have true, robust collections across men’s, women’s and kids.”- Ashley Ahwah, Vans senior director of global footwear merchandising

Heroes that will be part of the collection so far are: Iron Man, Captain America, Thor, Black Panther, Deadpool, Captain Marvel, Spider-Man, The Incredible Hulk, Black Widow, She-Hulk, and The Inhumans. How each hero will be represented in the Vans line will is to be determined. Footwear includes Vans Old Skool, Vans Sk8-Hi and a Vans Slip-Ons. Additionally, Vans Customs will offer three exclusive Vans x Marvel designs that fans can use to create their own custom look much like Converse does with their DC Comics line of shoes. 

DeadPool Sk8-HI

Spider-Man Slip-Ons

Children's Footwear

Captain Marvel Sk8-HI, Black WIdow & Inhumans Slip-Ons

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Costume and Party SuperCenter

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Puma Sonic Reveal

Back in March it was teased by Puma that there was a collaboration happening between them and Sega for a new shoe based on Sonic the Hedgehog using the RS-0 shoe as a base. All we got was a pixilated teaser that gave us an idea of the shoe. Now after a few months have gone by the shoe has finally been revealed along with a second shoe. Much like Reebok’s Aliens sneakers, Puma has revealed not only the Sonic the Hedgehog sneaker, but the Dr Eggman sneaker as well. Both shoes sport a unique look that definitely captures the essence of their perspective characters; the RS-0 Sonic and the RS- Dr. Eggman, draw from the characters’ respective color palettes. While it wasn’t that hard to tell how the Sonic shoe was going to look like it was still quite the surprise to see the actual product. And still a nice surprise to see that we got a second shoe from this collaboration in the form of Eggman. 

What I didn’t expect was that textured blue suede on the Sonic shoe. While I get why it was done, I still feel as either a fan or a sneakerhead it wasn’t a necessary addition. I felt like the show could have been enough with a smooth texture rather than the furry texture, considering it’s based on a video game character and not an actual furry hedgehog. I like the look of the Eggman sneakers, shiny red pebbled patent leather with black and yellow caution stripes. But I feel as if that could have been another Sonic sneaker that looked closer to his actual shoes in the game. If they included a black version to represent Shadow I think they really would have had the best brand collaboration out there to date. Puma says it was drawn to Sonic’s fur when designing the shoe, as well as the rings that adorn the beloved Green Hill Zone level

Considering you have the Dragon Ball Z line from Adidas and the upcoming Vans Marvel line, I felt they could have done a bit more. But I still like what they put out there and of course I will try to snag me a pair and for review purposes of course. Currently they were released on June 4, 2018 in Europe and sold out immediately. U.S. release date is June 12th, so for anyone looking to get themselves a pair before they go up on Ebay for double the price, be diligent in your pursuit. Price $130.

Your Cure For The Common Tee!

Blossom Detective Holmes: The Animated Mini-Series


As of March 2018 Blossom Detective Holmes has been funded for 4 out of 6 intended episodes. It far exceeded its primary goal of $60k and is well on its way to everyone by next year. In case you haven't heard about it: 

"Blossom Detective Holmes is a first of its kind independent animated mini-series filled with suspense, mystery, and action.  Not a lot of anime is produced in America, so Blossom is taking the first steps to make that happen!  The goal of the show is to introduce a new genre into mainstream  American animation that will be based on mature topics such as crime, murder, and serious drama. This genre of animation is very uncommon in animated shows, and you can be a trendsetter by supporting Blossom Detective Holmes and bringing it to market"!

It started as a Kickstarter with a single pilot episode; in the same way Studio Trigger created Little Witch Academia. Produced and directed by Steve Ahn; Steve is an artist and director known for his works on DreamWorks Voltron Legendary Defender, Nickelodeon’s The Legend of Korra, Marvel's Guardians of the Galaxy animated series, and much more.  

"I'm a director who craves to tell a story in a form of animated content. I always have loved animation. In thinking of my future, I can't really imagine myself doing something else other than what I'm doing today" - Steve Ahn

The story of the pilot begins as Skylar Holmes and Jamie chase after a burglar in the middle of the night in Stockholm, Sweden. During the initial chase, another unexpected gunshot interrupts them and their first case begins. Selfie with a Strange Intruder! 

Skylar Holmes is a cute detective girl who has the unique ability of an enhanced sense of smell, almost hound-like.  When she sniffs, she can recall a memory and uncover the object, person, and location that had the same scent.

Skylar Holmes - Character Designed by Christie Tseng

Jamie is Skylar’s best friend, and always carries around a unique camera. Other than taking photo of evidence, this camera teleports people who ever takes a selfie with it to wherever Jamie imagines.

Jamie - Character Designed by Christie Tseng


DIRECTOR _Steve Ahn 
CHARACTER DESIGN _ Christie Tseng 
COLOR SCRIPT _ Shiho Sato 
BACKGROUND PAINT _ Anthony Wu, Arthur Loftis, Kushinov Ilya, Miyeon Kim, Saera Hwang, Sophie Li ANIMATION _ Steve Ahn 
ANIMATION COLOR _ Aeri Yoon, Angela Kim, Audrey Oh, Dana Ahn, Jee Hyun Yoo 
MUSIC _ Isak Hedlund 
SOUND EFFECTS & MIXING _ Cristiano De Petrillo


DIRECTOR _Steve Ahn 
CHARACTER DESIGN _ Christie Tseng 
COLOR SCRIPT _ Shiho Sato 
ART DIRECTOR _ Miyeon Kim 
BACKGROUND PAINT _ Anthony Wu, Arthur Loftis, Saera Hwang, Sherwin Abesamis, Yohichi Nishikawa 

ANIMATION _ Aya Yoshioka, Paul Williams, Steve Ahn

The pilot episode is well done and will definitely leave you wanting to know "Whodunnit" and more about the characters involved. The pilot episode looks like a pilot, but now that it's completely funded it will be exciting to see what fully finished episodes look like. It is great to see Kickstarters for shows like this happen because it once again proves that there are more ways, especially now, to get your work out there. You don't need to have a studio or even Kickstarter, you just need to keep pushing forward with your dream.  

If you still wish to buy merch from the series or contribute more funds to the production you can check out the site store for more!

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