NY Toy Fair 2017 part 2

Continuing where we left off from NY Toy Fair part 1, even going one day was enough to make you feel like you've seen everything. But there is so much more to Toy Fair that one day is never enough, but for your body it will be. Some booths you need an appointment, others you can just walk right in and just enjoy what's on display. For appointment only booths sometimes you don't get to take photos or videos of anything, just ask questions. Even the walk in booths you have to be wary of what you can or cannot post because that company may have a prototype out but not approval from the Licensor. Even when you are unable to post what's on display it is still amazing what you see there and ask questions before these hit the shelves. 


If you are a fan of the DC Bombshells line, then get ready even more bombshells! Cryptozoic will be releasing a few new bombshells and lots more variants on your favorite ones. 7 inch vinyl’s of Supergirl, Batwoman, and Poison Ivy, designed and sculpted by Pedro Astudillo & Anders Ehrenborg, are coming this summer; 7 inch Golden Goddess series of Catwoman, Wonder Woman, and Harley are coming exclusively to San Diego Comic Con. Not only more female characters are on the way, but expect to see more male figures as well. First male Bombshell slated for a release is Batman in a private investigator motif straight from the comics. Other male figures expected soon are: Joker, Aquaman, Superman, and Green Lantern. Batman will be a 7.g inch figure, while the rest remain to be seen. Only artwork was shown of the other male characters mention. Female heroes and villains coming soon are: Killer Bee, Huntress, Zatanna, Lois Lane, Killer Frost, Cheetah, Hawkgirl, Black Canary, Mera, Powergirl, Ravager, Stargirl, and Big Barda.

Cryptozoic finally displayed some models from their mugshot line featuring Catwoman, Joker, and Harley. Catwoman is in her traditional black leather outfit but is more torn up than usual, while still wearing her cowl and goggles, and has her hair flowing out of her cowl. Joker looks exactly how you expect to him look after being captured by Batman missing a glove and suit jacket, and Harley sans cowl with tears coming down from her mask. All are highly detailed busts, situated on a base that has the Gotham city badge. With the exception of Harley who is available now, Joker and Catwoman will hopefully be out later this year.
Their mini shoe collection has grown exponentially and should definitely be an actual shoe line. The line now consists of heeled shoes representing heroes like Batgirl, Supergirl, Mera, Catwoman, Black Canary, Wonder Woman, Harley Quinn, Poison Ivy, and Hawkgirl. With that count there are only 3 more heels left to be revealed as it states on the box to collect all 12.

For even more Vinyl figures Cryptozoic is releasing Lynda Carter Wonder Woman figures based on her run as Wonder Woman in the classic TV show. No release date has been announced but I’m sure pre-orders should be up soon. And for the street fighter fans Street Fighter Knock-Outs: Chun Li, Cammy, and Sakura 7 inch figures are coming this summer to a store near you; Along with a special 30th Anniversary edition of Chun Li as well as color variants of the original 3. Mini Knock-Outs will feature all your favorite fighters from the game.

One of the fastest growing toy lines at Toy Fair is back with even more figures to display in your home or at your desk at work. Q-Figs has even more of your favorite superheroes such as the much anticipated Netflix DareDevil in his crimson armor that he dons at the end of season 1 and throughout season 2. For the web heads Spider-Man in a classic upside down pose doing what he does best for the Daily Bugle, taking those photos. 

In the WB/DC comics line of Q-Figs; Kara Zor-El (Supergirl) makes her debut soon with a literal twist as indicated by her resin swoosh while holding a bird in the palm. Also we have Harley Quinn in her Suicide Squad costume with bat that seems to be packing some heat as indicated by the resin smoke at the tip of it. From Warner Bros comes world domination in the form of 2 lab rats; Pinky and The Brain Q-figs are coming soon and they look amazing. Brain with his latest blueprints for world domination and Pinky staring over knowing it may not work or just not sure if it’s a recipe for pie.

While characters are memorable and iconic, vehicles have become just as iconic. The Millennium Falcon from Star Wars is one of those vehicles that is just so iconic that no one can forget it. From Q-Figs comes the cutaway replica that gives you an inside look of the ship if the top part was cut off or if you had X-ray vision. Giving you an in-depth look at how the shipped looked in real life. Extremely detailed and just something any fan must have as part of their collection. Other vehicles they showcased are first Tim Burton Batman movie, but only a prototype was shown. For those feeling nostalgic, the Planet Express spaceship from the animated series Futurama is also on its way. 

For those on the softer side of collectibles Q-Figs also does Q-Pals plush toys. Right now they currently have everyone’s favorite demon hunting duo Sam & Dean along with their Angel Castiel available right now.

The people at Kotobukiya always have something new every year, plus prototypes for next year! Obviously Star Wars is the big property since its revival and even last year they tons of Star Wars figures and related merch. This year they even more figures and statues for the biggest Star Wars fan. Shore Troopers & Death Troopers are making their debut in ArtFX 2 packs and a single Death Trooper statue in a 12 inch scale. The hottest Storm trooper they got is one that actually shoots flames, well with a flamethrower, that has some pretty impressive distance that comes in a 2 pac with a First Order Snowtrooper. 
More 2 packs coming soon are: Chewbacca & Han Solo, Rey & Finn, and Poe Dameron & BB-8. Last of the Force awakens ARTFX statues include Kylo Ren fully masked, Captain Phasma, First Order StormTroopers in various poses, C-3PO, and R2-D2. For the old school fans Obi Wan Kenobi makes his debut and in a 2 pack Yoda/ghost Yoda & R2-D2 from the Original trilogy.

Marvel coming down the line with even more Bishoujo Statues featuring the likes of the new/current Ms. Marvel Kamala Khan, the current Thor of Asgard Jane Foster, Loki in female form, everyone’s friendly neighborhood punk rocker Spider-Gwen, and of course the unbeatable Squirrel Girl.

On the DC side of the Bishoujo line Katana will be making her debut in the fall of 2017. Only artwork was displayed, but the final product can change of course. She looks more armored with a straight edge sword rather an actual katana blade which still looks incredible in design. Available online are the villains from the New 52. Villains such as Sinestro, Bizzaro, Gorilla Grodd, Joker after having his face reattached, Lex Luthor, Captain cold with his superpowers, Black Manta, and of course classic Harley Quinn.

In the movie line of Bishoujo statues comes the most fearsome female assassin The Bride Beatrix Kiddo, the evil doll Chucky in female form, and female Edward Scissor Hands, and this time around an ArtFX Jason Voorhees statue from the Friday the 13th franchise.From Street Fighter comes the pro wrestler Rainbow Mika & the ninja Ibuki in their classic colors and clothing. Mika with mic in hand ready to trash talk her opponents, and Ibuki poised for attack.

Pending Licensor’s approval anime fans will be in for an amazing treat; from FullMetal Alchemist Brotherhood comes the Colonel Roy Mustang. Everyone’s favorite Cowboy Spike Spiegel will also make his debut. Currently available in their ArtFX J line is Genjyo Sanzo from Saiyuki Reload Blast in his classic wear from the cover of the manga. From Code Geass Code: Black from Lelouch vi Britanniain an all black like the rockstar that he is. On sale now as we speak from their J line is what I feel is the most anticipated statue in their line; Sakura Kinimoto from the hit series/manga Card Captor Sakura! With wand in hand and sporting large angel wings and wind card activated she looks ready to take on any rogue cards.   

Whether your comic book or horror fan MEZCO has you covered. From their ONE:12 Collective comes a plethora of men and women in tights, capes, uniforms and armor. On the DC side of the line comes Batman Ascending Knight which is like a cross between the Year One costume and his original comic book debut costume. Amazing details especially on the utility belt and comes with an interchangeable head so you can have Batman unmasked if you choose to do so. Other accessories include: 6 interchangeable hands, display base, grappling gun with hooks, Heavy assault Bat Brick, Batarangs, and wrist crossbow with Tranq-darts. Everyone’s favorite mega-villain Darkseid will be making his debut in 2018 and is very impressive. From his tall stature, compared to Superman in the toy line, attention to details overall especially in the face he will be worth the wait. Comes with: Omega Beams, Mother Box, 6 Interchangeable hands, and a second more fearsome face.

With Suicide Squad having been recently released and Wonder Woman in Theaters , MEZCO will be releasing comic book versions of DeathStroke and The Joker while movie versions of Harley Quinn & Wonder Woman will be released most likely in the fall. Deathstroke comes with his long sword, a machine gun, automatic pistol, 6 hands, unmasked head and display stand. Joker: 6 hands, chattering teeth toy, long nose revolver & display stand. Harley Quinn: 6 hands, revolver like she had in the movie, baseball bat, jacket, Wonder Woman: 6 hands, Lasso of Truth, Sword & shield as seen in the movie, & display stand.

The most well done figure in their DC line is the comic book version of Green Arrow. The costume is what captures your attention the most, hooded green vest, gauntlets and armored boots just looks like a more badass Green Arrow. He comes with 10 interchangeable hands, knife, Bow, standard arrows, grappling hook arrow, explosive arrow, Kryptonite arrow, and a bundle of arrows for his quiver. Other heroes coming from their DC line include The Flash (comic book), Superman (comic book), and Shazam (comic book).

On the Marvel side of things Daredevil from the Netflix series will be coming soon. In his trademark outfit at the end of season 1 and throughout season 2, accessories include 2 Billy Clubs, 6 hands, 2 heads, and display stand. Pending final approval Captain America’s greatest Foe the Red Skull will be making his ONE:12 debut soon. Armed with the cosmic cube and Luger pistol, also comes with trademark trench coat as seen in the movie.

Marvel’s 2 favorite sons Wolverine & Deadpool will be making their debut later this year or beginning of 2018.Wolverine will be in his classic brown & yellow costume as seen in the deleted scene for The Wolverine movie and in the comics. He comes with six interchangeable hands (2 of which have claws out), Muramasa Blade & sheath, and display stand. Deadpool in his classic red and black tights as seen in the comics and movie comes with, 6 interchangeable hands, 4 grenades, 2 automatic pistols, 2 katanas, and a display stand.
In their movie line of ONE:12 figures come the Ghostbusters & Slimer. Not sure if Slimer will come with one specific figure or on his own. Whether this is will be sold as a whole set of figures or just individual figures is also not known at this time. The figures will come with a proton packs, walkie talkies, a ghost trap, proton streams, a PKE reader, and interchangeable hands.

If you are more of a horror fan then be on the lookout for their collectible horror figures featuring the likes of Sam from Trick R’ Treat, Chucky, Pinhead from Hellraiser, and the ghost with the most BeetleJuice. Chucky will be coming out with 2 different versions. One is the original version we all know from part one and the second version will be the one one we are most familiar with where his face is pieced together with staples. Each comes with their own knife.

Expanding on their plush line MEZCO will be releasing both 8 inch and 3 inch mini versions of their soon to be released FlatZos plush line of Pinhead, BeetleJuice, Snarf, and Lion-O. Each FlatZos unique feature, aside from being adorable, is their button eyes which make them both cute and somewhat creepy.

I have to say the most stand out figure for me at the MEZCO booth is the Popeye ONE:12 collective figure. Just because it’s been awhile since this iconic cartoon character has been featured in anything. And then of course the way the sculpted him makes him look more like a superhero than a goofball cartoon character. Seen here featured next to another great cartoon character Space Ghost, he comes with his trademark spinach, telescope, watch, and 3 interchangeable hands. He is slated for release in 2018.

Toy Fair this year was another amazing time. Just wish I could have done more days. I love the fact that it starts on Saturday instead of during the week. Even in one day there is so much to cover. Preview night is probably one of the best nights to attend in terms of getting all the photos you want, because all the cases are open and you can just get clearer shots and closer looks at just about everything on display. So it is something that we will try to do at least once. What I love about Toy Fair the most is that it is a trade show and not so much a con, but at the same time you don’t get a lot of interviews because a majority of the companies are looking to meet with distributors more so than press. That doesn’t mean press doesn’t get any love. Whether it’s a company or even new releases from your favorite company the amount of information we are able to get is always welcomed and it is just a pleasure to talk to those behind the scenes of some our favorite figures. 

For more photos check out my exclusive Toy Fair Flickr Gallery

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