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NY Toy Fair 2017 part 2

Continuing where we left off from NY Toy Fair part 1, even going one day was enough to make you feel like you've seen everything. But there is so much more to Toy Fair that one day is never enough, but for your body it will be. Some booths you need an appointment, others you can just walk right in and just enjoy what's on display. For appointment only booths sometimes you don't get to take photos or videos of anything, just ask questions. Even the walk in booths you have to be wary of what you can or cannot post because that company may have a prototype out but not approval from the Licensor. Even when you are unable to post what's on display it is still amazing what you see there and ask questions before these hit the shelves. 

NY Toy Fair 2017 part 1

Star Wars vehicle models
General- Sideshow Collectibles

First convention of the year and I am happy to say that it was the NY Toy Fair. Always great to start things off at a more business oriented convention but with the most amazing action figures that I’m sure we all will gladly go broke for. My only downside this year that I was only able to attend 1 day of Toy Fair and that was Saturday. This is one of those conventions that you need to attend as many days as possible, especially if you are doing press. One day just gives you a nice tour through maybe one floor, just because you have to stop and eat and of course because it ends around 6pm. Plus I’ve started to not care about attending cons the first thing in the morning just because I enjoy sleeping much more. Unless there is a panel or signing I really want to attend, I see no reason to lose sleep.