Review: Digital Playground presents "ASS EFFECT"

Erik Everhard & Rachel Starr

The latest from Digital Playground’s Flixxx Parodies is just in time for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda; "Ass Effect A XXX Parody". Ass Effect is based on the original Mass Effect Trilogy mainly the third game. Liara is already the Shadow Broker and the attack on the council had just taken place.
For fans of the original game it is easy to spot that mistake, but major kudos to whoever wrote the script because that is a detail that matters to fans in terms of storytelling. Starring Rachel Starr as Liara T'Soni and Erik Everhard as Commander Shephard.

We find Liara working as she usually does in her Shadow Broker lair and in comes Shepard storming in asking how she could not have known about what Cerebus was planning. The 2 argue throwing accusations at each other only to find out that Shepard had been cheating on Liara with Ms Miranda Lawson. Just like in the game starting a romance with one person and then switching to another person mid stream, but when you do cheat you get caught immediately no matter how slick you thought you were. But in typical porn fashion after they argue they of course make up by having some very hot steamy sex. 

The sex scenes were hot as you’d expect from stars Erik Everhard & Rachel Starr. Rachel takes charge as Liara telling Commander Shepard that she takes no orders from him and still pleasures him regardless. They use their surrounding area in great and creative ways, especially when Liara is hanging from the rafters. The scene ends with a money shot to the blue endowed chest of the good doctor. 

While this was a short film, like only 21:37, it surprisingly good as it was. Rachel Starr as Liara was nicely casted, blue make up was phenomenal, but her headpiece and costume were not on point. Her costume looked like they ordered it off of Ebay and did not tailor it to fit well on Rachel or it just looks like the material used to make it was not the best. It could have been much better. Erik Everhard as Commander Shephard was utterly brilliant, since you can just edit Shepard however you please in the game any actor would have been fine. But he does give a great commanding performance in his acting. It would have been cool to see this as either a series or a full length feature. All in all I give it 4 out of 5 stars. Digital Playground has been stepping up their parodies and it really shows. 


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