Review: METAL LOCUS #1

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A Frozen Beach Studios Production
Published by Cosmic Times
Written by Stephan Nilson
Cover & Interior Art by Larry Watts
Lettering by Charles Pritchett
Coloring by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

METALLOCUS is a 4 issue miniseries that takes place 100 years from tomorrow. Which is a great way to avoid your series actually reaching the year in question in real life and not have whatever future you depicted not come true; like the Marvel 2099 series or Back to the Future. It’s the age of cybernetics and DNA manipulation in a world that is divided by both concepts. In the Northern Hemisphere cybernetics is all the rage while in the Southern Hemisphere, it has been outlawed, but DNA manipulation is their trademark.

Our story begins with Hermes receiving a call for a job that pays really well. Of course like most things in life it it’s too good to be true, then it’s probably isn’t worth getting out of bed for. Next panel we find all hell breaking loose and Hermes caught right in the middle of it. A high speed chase through the city with guns blazing has Hermes in dire straits, but luckily for our would be hero he has some back up. Before his back up can reach he’s struck with a dart that knocks him out. As he’s dreaming or what he thought was a dream, turns out that the package he picked up is a self sentient AI program Maw-Ying. She tells him exactly what he has gotten himself into and explains that it’s all on him to save her and the world. As Hermes’ ride is about to come to an end, his comrade Charlie, a huge almost gorilla of a man who is a mix of organics and cybernetics, jumps in just in time to save him. Reunited with his team it’s almost smooth sailing until more Bloom Industry troops arrive demanding that they return their stolen property. Not one for taking threats Charlie decides to teach these guys a lesson in manners, leaving Cliff to take care of Hermes. While Cliff looks like a frail human with cybernetic parts, he’s Hermes’ tech genius and is very clever at protecting himself. In the aftermath of the battle Hermes finally wakes up and informs the others that they have a major opportunity in their hands that will allow them to be very rich men.

The story is very reminiscent of the old Keanu Reeves movie Johnny Mnemonic. Instead of having to deal with an issue of having enough space in his head, the courier Hermes has an issue with an AI program that everyone wants that’s stuck in his head. An AI program that can be use to save the world we live in or destroy it. It is an action packed, adrenaline fueled story in this first issue. I like that the situation goes from a calm serene state in the first page and just turns to shit in the next pages going forward. It definitely has you wanting to know more about the situation and about our heroes and see where they go from there. 

It’s drawn well, colors are brighter than I expected but it fits the style and tone of the book, and the attention to detail in every panel is top notch. Each character has their own unique look; Hermes & Cliff are both bald and clean shaven, but you can easily tell them apart. Characters with Cybernetic parts don’t look bulky and the guards involved in the chase each have their own distinct faces.

It’s an interesting story that will definitely leave fans wanting more. 4 issue mini-series; Issue #4 is coming soon, but issues #1-3 are now available for purchase as of now when this review was written. I give it 3 stars, only because the opening issue is leading to a much bigger story that I’m sure will satisfy fans. 


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