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    Nikki Knightly Brings the Funny

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    Volume One Review of I'm a Behemoth Manga

Sony acquires major stake in Funimation

As of July 31st 2017 Sony Pictures Television Networks has reached a deal with anime distributor Funimation to acquire a 95% stake in the company for the price of $143 million dollars, making it the majority shareholder in the company. The deal values Funimation at about $150 million. Gen Fukunaga, founder and CEO of Funimation, will retain a minority stake in the company and remain as Chief Executive.

Justice League ArtFX+ Statues

Entertainment Earth

Direct from one of the most highly anticipated movies of 2017 comes Kotobukiya's JUSTICE LEAGUE ARTFX+ collection! Each statue is expertly sculpted in 1:10 scale using digital assets and references from the studio and includes a magnetized logo base. Unite the League beginning this winter! 

NY Toy Fair 2017 part 2

Continuing where we left off from NY Toy Fair part 1, even going one day was enough to make you feel like you've seen everything. But there is so much more to Toy Fair that one day is never enough, but for your body it will be. Some booths you need an appointment, others you can just walk right in and just enjoy what's on display. For appointment only booths sometimes you don't get to take photos or videos of anything, just ask questions. Even the walk in booths you have to be wary of what you can or cannot post because that company may have a prototype out but not approval from the Licensor. Even when you are unable to post what's on display it is still amazing what you see there and ask questions before these hit the shelves. 

NY Toy Fair 2017 part 1

Star Wars vehicle models
General- Sideshow Collectibles

First convention of the year and I am happy to say that it was the NY Toy Fair. Always great to start things off at a more business oriented convention but with the most amazing action figures that I’m sure we all will gladly go broke for. My only downside this year that I was only able to attend 1 day of Toy Fair and that was Saturday. This is one of those conventions that you need to attend as many days as possible, especially if you are doing press. One day just gives you a nice tour through maybe one floor, just because you have to stop and eat and of course because it ends around 6pm. Plus I’ve started to not care about attending cons the first thing in the morning just because I enjoy sleeping much more. Unless there is a panel or signing I really want to attend, I see no reason to lose sleep.

Review: RIWBOX IN5 Headphones

Riwbox IN5 Foldable Headphones with Microphone and Volume Control
Wal-Mart.com USA, LLC

*I did receive these headphones at a discounted price to provide an honest review.

RIWBOX IN5 headphones are a high definition stereo headsets with 40mm high fidelity drivers. They claim that they “deliver unique sound performance, provides more exact and natural sound than traditional stereo and a major step forward in the modern listening experience”.

Dark Universe: Monsters Unleashed

Wholesale Party Supplies and Halloween Costumes

Universal Pictures announced that its series of films reviving the studio’s classic monster characters for a new generation will be known as “Dark Universe.”  The motion logo for the new initiative features a musical theme composed by Danny Elfman and will debut in theaters preceding The Mummy, which will be released on June 9.  The announcement includes details of the enterprise relaunching Universal’s iconic characters into modern cinema, as well as confirmations of superstar cast and that Academy Award® winner Bill Condon will direct Bride of Frankenstein.

IMG's Worlds of Legends theme park coming soon

Entertainment Earth

As kid growing up summer vacation was the greatest time of the year second to Christmas. No school meant more time to hang out with friends and of course family trips. With places like Six Flags, Disney World, and Universal Studios there was plenty of places to visit which meant a lot of time spent in a car with your family members for hours on end. Each theme park offers a variety of rides and activities for the family in their own unique way; which made it hard at times to choose which theme park you wanted to visit that summer. Then of course you have to take into account the weather, which makes planning out your trip in advance even more difficult.

Preview: Star Wars Celebration 2017 ArtFX+ Exclusives

From Left to Right: Triple Zero, BT-1, R5-D4, R4-M9, R2-X2 
Entertainment Earth

Just in time for the 2017 Star Wars Celebration, Kotobukiya is releasing 4 new exclusive! For fans of the epic Star Wars saga I'm sure these will bring much delight just in time for the epic Star Wars Celebration. And of course these will be the droids that everyone is looking for!

Review: Digital Playground presents "ASS EFFECT"

Erik Everhard & Rachel Starr

The latest from Digital Playground’s Flixxx Parodies is just in time for the release of Mass Effect: Andromeda; "Ass Effect A XXX Parody". Ass Effect is based on the original Mass Effect Trilogy mainly the third game. Liara is already the Shadow Broker and the attack on the council had just taken place.

Review: Batman "ALMOST GOT IM"

As a child of the 90’s one of the best cartoons to watch at the time was Batman: The Animated Series. The writing was geared so all audiences young and old could appreciate it, the animation and art directions was stylized to give that heavy dark atmosphere perfect for the Dark Knight. Even now this series still hold and is one of the best Batman series out there. Why this trip down memory lane you ask? Well it seems the folks at CRYPTOZOIC are tapping into this nostalgia with their new game Batman: ALMOST GOT’ IM.

Kay Brandt Ventures into Mainstream Horror with ''Cutters''

Kay Brandt is multifaceted and talented woman who has been involved and worked on erotic content since the 1990s. She is an author, storyteller, and filmmaker and has won acclaim and awards in these diverse fields. In the 90s, she wrote erotic stage plays like Kiss Me Twisted which garnered much critical praise. Many years later these would morph into the adult films Cherry Episode 1 and Cherry 2. These would then morph into The World of Cherry ebooks. The Cherry Films are two of the biggest budget all girl movies in the history of the adult industry and are today considered classics of the porn world.

Review: Bulls&Bears Board Game

At the 2016 NY Toy Fair I had the absolute honor of interviewing the creator of the Bulls & Bears board game. Out of everything that was on this display at Toy Fair, it was this game the really stood out for me. This isn’t another Monopoly game copy; Bulls & Bears is a unique game that teaches you about the economy, investment, and managing your money. It’s a game that once you start things off, you slowly but surely get the hang of it. It especially helps if you or one of your friends is good with numbers; pen and paper are also handy to keep track of investment payouts, etc.

Review: METAL LOCUS #1

Find comics, statues, toys, and more at TFAW.com!

A Frozen Beach Studios Production
Published by Cosmic Times
Written by Stephan Nilson
Cover & Interior Art by Larry Watts
Lettering by Charles Pritchett
Coloring by Romulo Fajardo Jr.

METALLOCUS is a 4 issue miniseries that takes place 100 years from tomorrow. Which is a great way to avoid your series actually reaching the year in question in real life and not have whatever future you depicted not come true; like the Marvel 2099 series or Back to the Future. It’s the age of cybernetics and DNA manipulation in a world that is divided by both concepts. In the Northern Hemisphere cybernetics is all the rage while in the Southern Hemisphere, it has been outlawed, but DNA manipulation is their trademark.

Review: What I.F. One Shot

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Published by Cosmic Times
Written by DJ Strong
Pencils & Ink by Jeremy Hobbs
Inks by Zack Bassett & Jeremy Hobbs

“WHATI.F.” is a one shot story about a being that can only exist if someone believes him to exist. Which is weird when you first hear it at first, because how can someone telling the story exist and not exist at the same time? This isn’t a supernatural ghost story; it’s a story of friendship, sorrow, and acceptance. This is a story that we can all relate at some point in our lives. A story of having someone in your life who makes you feel that it’s okay to be yourself and yet without that person in your life the world becomes a very lonely place.

Our story takes place in a quaint suburban neighborhood with our storyteller, Boy, preparing to say his good-byes. The entire story is basically his goodbye letter to the most important person in his life. It’s a very intimate look at the happiness and the sadness this character has been through. For a one shot it feels like you are getting more than you could hope for. We don’t know where Boy came from or how he came to exist in the first place, but we do know he has been trying to get people to notice him. He's been floating high in the rafters of clubs, above the crowds of people but no one seems to notice this elf like creature floating above them. That is until one special person decided to go up the rafters and say hi. Penelope Xylophone was her name and while it’s a very interesting last name, it’s one that she can’t seem to spell. And while Boy may be able to float in the sky, meeting someone who can’t spell their own last name amazed him!

“It’s a better name than Boy. We’ll have to fix that.”Penelope Xylophone

As time passed their friendship grew in ways Boy never could imagine. And in the greatest act of friendship Penelope finally gave Boy a name; Jackson Leviathan. It was the greatest gift he had ever received from anyone in his life. As life with Penelope went on, her life went on. She eventually got married and even had a kid. While Penelope still made Jackson exist, it was to the dismay of her husband. It is at this point in the story where Jackson felt his time was up and it was time to move on. At least until she needed him again. 

This was an incredible visual interpretation of a goodbye letter. From start to finish it was a incredibly gripping tale. It definitely hit the right points to get you invested in the characters; while wasn't too much information given, there was still enough to keep your attention. While it was a moment in time with memories spread throughout, the storytelling was just compelling.It does make you wish there was more story just to see how things go or just to see Jackson Leviathan's origin. Since Penelope has been the only one to make him exist, it makes one wonder if her child could do the same and what kind of days they would have together. 

The art style was very fitting and well done. It set the tone of the story perfectly. Almost rough pencils during the present day showing the sadness that Jackson Leviathan felt; clean pencils during the happy memories. It's a completely black & white comic with varying shades of gray; no color whatsoever. Which makes it work best since this is a sad good-bye letter. The cover art is really conveys the peacefulness of the story, just a lone figure walking off into the sunset with gorgeous colors.  

If you are a fan of short stories or are looking for something new and interesting, this one issue is worth picking up and adding to your collection. 


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