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In one of the biggest surprise moves in streaming and anime, CrunchyRoll has partnered with Funimation to expand access to anime. Most people considered the two companies as rivals in a sense that you could only get certain anime on one or the other and not both.
Which of course made it hard for anime fans to decide which company gets their dollars. It also had an impact on the industry since depending on how many subscribers one company had over the other it gave an almost unfair assessment of which anime was popular when in reality it was more about which service people preferred to use. While Netflix has started adding more anime titles to their library, it's these 2 services that have been the leaders in the legal streaming of anime in the United States. Hulu is definitely a close second since they have partnerships with Funimation as well Aniplex and various other anime studios. 

"Since Gen Fukunaga started Funimation with the first ever English dub of Dragon Ball Z, our goal has been to make the best anime in the world accessible to most fans possible. Today, we’re announcing a new partnership with Crunchyroll that lets us both work together to bring anime to fans around the world". -Funimation
"Through this agreement, Crunchyroll will continue creating the best subtitled streaming experience for fans, while Funimation will focus on delivering the best in English-language dubbed (“Broadcast Dubs”) streaming. This collaboration will enable fans to enjoy more anime in more ways than ever before". -CrunchyRoll

Going forward, starting with the Fall 2016 season, Simulcasts of shows with English subtitles will be up on Crunchyroll, and Funimation will be creating Broadcast Dubs for many of these titles, available on FunimationNow just 2-4 weeks after each episode airs in Japan! No more hunting for who’s got your favorite shows each season, and it means each company can focus on what they do best; For Funimation, that means creating more dubs than ever before, and adding to the world’s largest library of English-dubbed anime on FunimationNow. So for almost every subbed show on CrunchyRoll there will be an English language dubbed on Funimation & vice versa. Both companies are working to make as many shows available to both services as possible, and we will be announcing additional titles in the future. TItles so far include: D.Gray-man HALLOW, Puzzle & Dragons X, FIRST LOVE MONSTER, PSYCHO-PASS, Cowboy Bebop, and Grimgar of Fantasy and Ash, Free! -Iwatobi Swim Club and The Testament of Sister New Devil

"Creating a confusing landscape where fans have to know which company has which show has never been ideal, and it made it harder for new fans to fall in love with anime. We knew that this was something we could fix if we worked together – and in the process, could create new opportunities for everyone" -Funimation

My hope is that certain titles will be able to get their full libraries available like Detective Conan/Case Closed. My other hope is that this will also be a long term partnership, but this is business and anything can change between now and the next few years. 



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