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    NSFW Review of the Future Fragments Game

  • Nikki Knightly Brings The Funny

    Nikki Knightly Brings the Funny

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    Volume One Review of I'm a Behemoth Manga

Roxane Gay Becomes First Haitian-American Female Writer for Marvel Comics

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Writer Roxane Gay, best known for her book of essays “Bad Feminist” & “Ayiti”, has been tapped by Marvel Comics to become one of the first black women to be a lead writer on a Marvel comic. Roxane Gay is an American feminist writer, professor, editor and commentator. Currently she's an associate professor of English at Purdue University and a contributing opinion writer at The New York Times. 

IAmElemental Action Figures Tackle Childhood Cancer

Entertainment Earth

IAmElemental creators of the first female action figures designed specifically for children, revealed at the 2016 NY Toy Fair the company’s newest series WISDOM!

CrunchyRoll X Funimation Partnership

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In one of the biggest surprise moves in streaming and anime, CrunchyRoll has partnered with Funimation to expand access to anime. Most people considered the two companies as rivals in a sense that you could only get certain anime on one or the other and not both.

Review: Yuki Yuna is a Hero (SPOILERS)

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Yuki Yuna is a Hero (Yuki Yuna wa Yusha de Aru)
Episodes: 12
Air Date: Oct 17, 2014 to Dec 26, 2014
Studio Gokumi
Directed by Seiji Kishi
Written by Makoto Uezu
Music by Keiichi Okabe (Monaca)
Streaming: Netflix, CrunchyRoll

*Spoilers Ahead

Saturday Knights Indy Wrestling Game

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For wrestling fans, wrestling video games allowed us to take control of the action of our favorite wrestlers/promotions or create our own superstar and do things our way. WWE has been the leading standard in the past years of wrestling games thanks in part to 2K Games. While WWE games had a robust roster, the create-a-wrestler mode is where a lot fans spent a lot of their time; creating wrestlers from the past or from the Independent wrestling scene to create dream match ups that may never take place.