AVN Awards: Top 10 Best Dressed Groups

A continuation from my last list AVN: Top 10 Best Dressed Females, this list is comprised of groups of 2 or more people that came down the red carpet making each other look great. This was interesting to do because a lot of groups came down the red carpet dressed nice, but only a few stood out the most in my opinion. Here is my Top 10 best dressed groups:

10) Steven St. Croix & Dani Daniels

The matching smoking jackets was the best touch.Really made them look like the "Hugh Hefners" of the AVNs. 

9) Lance Hart & Daisy Ducati

The styling of both looked amazing. The colors popped in the right areas and the look fantastic. 

8) Nigel Dictator & Katrina Jade

My first time seeing Nigel Dictator in a suit and he compliments Katrina very well in it. 

7) Mercedes Carrera & SGT. Anthony Berg

Mercedes is a very big supporter of the troops and held a contest for current or retired service members to be her date for the AVN awards. And while their outfits may not compliment each other, they made the list because they stood out, and Mercedes does a great service to bring attention to bring Veteran issues to light. 

6) Daisy Destin & Jemma Valentine

These 2 were almost like twins with their outfits. One a more conservative elegant style while the other a more classy party style.  

Chic Skater dress from $8.69

5) Codey Steele & Alison Rey

These 2 were just cute together and they really hit the mark with their color choices. It's simple and elegant. They look like they sat down and planned this out. 

4) Jessa Rhodes & Van Wylde

Another couple who look like they had a conversation about coordinating outfits. The blue just really pops for for them. While her dress is sheer, it is still modest in the right places.  

3) Rome MajorAnya Ivy

The muted colors really works well for them. It allows the attention to focus on them while still looking amazing. 

2) Jesse & Trista Campbell

One would think "Just Married" but to me this just says tres chic! It's simple, it flows, and they just look amazing as a couple. They really look like they are ready to attend one of the most exclusive party of the year.    

1) Jessie Lee & Wolf Hudson

My number one pick for best dressed couple are Burning Angel's Jessie Lee & Wolf Hudson. His amazing tribute to the late great David Bowie just rocks hard and her hair and outfit just compliments the look so well.

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