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AVN Awards: Top 10 Best Dressed Groups

A continuation from my last list AVN: Top 10 Best Dressed Females, this list is comprised of groups of 2 or more people that came down the red carpet making each other look great. This was interesting to do because a lot of groups came down the red carpet dressed nice, but only a few stood out the most in my opinion. Here is my Top 10 best dressed groups:

AVN Awards: Top 10 Best Dressed Females

300x100 SONA

At this year's AVN Awards I was fortunate enough to work the red carpet. While I was unable to attend the actual award show itself, I was able to get some great photos of some of the nominees and attendees walking the red carpet. Standing alongside dozens of photographers, flashes going off, hearing them shouting out their favorite actor/actress and asking for different poses as the industry's best walk down the red carpet was definitely an unforgettable experience. 

Review: Snore Reliever

Snore Reliever is an Anti-Snoring product that opens up Nose Vents for Natural and Instant Snore Relief. I received this product at a discounted price for this review. I am someone who suffers from snoring because of a deviated septum. And I mean I snore like a beast from Dragon Age. I could probably use a recording of my snoring to be a monster in the upcoming Power Rangers movie. It comes in a Pack of 6 varying in sizes from medium to XL. So it can virtually fit almost any nose. Snoring is caused by insufficient airflow through the nasal passages. When we are asleep, our muscles narrow as the muscles become relaxed, and may even sometimes close off temporarily. The air passing through this smaller opening can cause the tissues surrounding the opening to vibrate, which in turn can cause the sounds of snoring. 

According to the product description: 
Snore Reliever has been scientifically designed to strengthen and expand the nasal passages to maximize dilation of the nasal passages for unimpeded airflow. The soft palate in the back of your throat stops to vibrate and it stops snoring instantly. This makes it a highly effective snoring aid for normal snorers and people who suffer from sleep apnea. 

Snore Reliever is a premium product, with a number of key benefits: 
Gently opens your nasal passages to maximize airflow and eliminate snoring.
Relieves CPAP and sleep apnea for deep, relaxing, and refreshing sleep.
Manufactured from soft, comfortable, FDA Approved, BPA Free, and medical grade silicone. 

I found it to be weird at first, obviously having to sleep with something up your nose isn't a natural thing. I felt no discomfort, the material was very soft so it sleeping on my side did not disrupt my sleep at all. I actually felt more rested and could breath a whole lot better at night. I have tried nights without it and have woken up feeling worse without it. It really does open up your nostrils to allow for better airflow. I would recommend it as a temp solution, because who wants to continuously have to put something up your nose to sleep well. I would rate this 4 out of 5 just because it does work well, but it is something that you will need constantly. 

Feature: Kamen Joshi

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Kamen Joshi

In the advent of BabyMetal, the Japanese idol scene has gotten more interesting with more eyes and ears being opened from the East to the West. BabyMetal has been welcomed by American metal fans with open arms and created a stage for themselves to stand out on their own. In the Japanese Idol scene it is important to stand out especially since you are competing with thousands of other Idols for the same fans. And some of them are with an agency and some of them are on their own.

In 2013 one group decided to ditch the cute and glamour and go for a horror theme gimmick with bright colors. Kamen Joshi, “Masked Girls” in Japanese, went into a direction that can best be described as horrifyingly cute. While most Idols regard their face as a selling point, Kamen Joshi intentionally hides theirs to make a bigger impact on the audience. “We gave up on cuteness and instead we rock hard, using the power that comes from the bottom of our hearts to do our live performances” explains Moa Tsukino of Armor Girls. Nanaka Kawamura of Alice Juban also adds “Kamen Joshi is a group made up of people who failed the audition for other major idol agencies. Since we can’t get by on our looks, we became a group, and wore masks. We also wear masks because we need to fight together as a mass of people, rather than as individuals”.  I first heard of them through an article on CrunchyRoll and once I saw the masks I just had to know more about them and see what they were about. I like that the masks are reminiscent of Friday the 13th’s Jason Voorhees, I wondered if the masks would be customized to become a reflection of each individual member. According to Ikeda Kohei (PR for Kamen Joshi), “They stay uniform, but one person has a red mask to be positioned as the center”. Also I should add that the girls are not horror fans themselves. After seeing some concert footage I was glad I took the time to check them out. The concerts where they are fully masked remind you that this is not a typical Idol group. Going from a seemingly pop tempo to heavy metal like a flick of a switch, really brings out the true power of the masks. Although they are masked, there is a true sense of unity with their fans.

Managed by the Alice Project a Japanese agency that houses the group and other “Underground Idols”; the band performs in the Akihabara district at the P.A.R.M.S Theater inside the Pasela building. Alice Project describes the girls as: “the "non chosen person” and have no place in entertainment industry so gathered and obtained strong identity as a group besides abandoning personal identity by wearing the mask and hiding their face”.

Last year their first single "Genkidane", hit the top of the weekly Oricon ranking charts with more than 200,000 records sold in the first week of release, setting a record for a female indie band in Japan. When asked about how it felt to set that record Ikeda Kohei (PR) had this to say: “The moment was the most happiest moment for the first time our life, the 2nd is the day we accomplished our live concerts to mobilize 15,000 people”. To make it to number one with a gimmick that has their Idols wearing masks is a big accomplishment because it shows they are not just getting attention from the Otaku fan base but from average music fans as well. So it puts more emphasis on the music and performances rather than their looks.

Entertainment Earth

The main band is made up of 18 members in three separate sub groups; Alice Juban, Steam Girls, & Armor Girls:

Alice Juban:
Alice Juban
Alice Juban was the first of the Kamen Joshi groups to be formed. Alice Juban's music often includes metal breakdowns and rap sections. All members wear Jason-style hockey masks and wield a selection of prop weapons ranging from chainsaws to giant scissors. Members include: Anna Tachibana, Nodoka Sakura, Kanon Mori, Nanaka Kawamura, Yuki Sakura, and Risa Sawada.

Steam Girls:
Steam Girls
Steam Girls was formed as Alice Juban's official sister and rival group. Though their first song "destiny" was a pop-rock number, since the release of "HIGH and LOW" in 2013 their music has come to incorporate more sounds from electronic and dance music. The members wear gas masks and leg warmers in a style combining elements from SteamPunk and CyberGoth fashion. On stage, they carry distinctive prop guns that fire laser beams and clouds of dry ice together, creating a vivid on-stage effect. Members include: Sara Kurose, Erina Kamiya, Mai Mizusawa, Mana Sakamoto, Yuuka Kojima, and Ume Koume.

Armor Girls:
Armor Girls
Armor Girls was formed after Alice Juban and Steam Girls had already released two singles as Kamen Joshi, making them the most recent addition to the group. Their masks are medieval armour helmets with visors, and they carry prop swords. Musically, Armor Girls' songs incorporate elements from Irish and Celtic folk music, leading to a unique sound they call "mori rock", or "forest rock". Members include: Hinako Kuroki, Misa Kubota, Moa Tsukino, Mayu Kusunoki, Hitomi Momose, and Maki Kitamura.

I also asked Ikeda Kohei about their upcoming tours; they have begun touring in parts of Asia such as Singapore in February, China in March and Vietnam next week (from the date this article was posted). And if they have fans in Europe and America they will gladly make the trip overseas. “We have strong desire to go to US. We love Americans; they have great kindness and strong power. We have a strong desire to go to US, please help us come to America”. Recently the band made a video that jokingly showed their support of Presidential Candidate Donald Trump; “We produced the movie tribute to Donald John Trump, but there are no political intentions, just a joke”. It just goes to show that the world is paying attention to the United States and that Donald Drumpf is a joke all over the world.


Kamen Joshi Site: English

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Costume and Party SuperCenter

Costume Discounters

Dr. Martens Adventure Time Collaboration

Following the success of the past two collaborations; Dr. Martens has once more teamed up with Cartoon Network to produce an exciting NEW three-boot collection for both adults and children based on the animated series Adventure Time! Adventure Time, one of Cartoon Network’s most popular original shows is a funny modern fable that follows the adventures and sometimes misadventures of Finn the human and his shape-shifting best bro Jake the dog in the mythical Land of Ooo. Fighting monsters, making friends, and falling in love; this show has it all and is beloved by Adults and children.

What I love about these boots is how I felt about the DC collection with Converse sneakers, I just love them. These definitely give more fun and stylish ways to show your love for the characters from the show. They still have past collections featuring Jake and Finn, but this new collection is definitely worth adding as well.

The new collection for Spring/Summer 2016 sees the introduction of two new much-loved characters BMO and Princess Bubblegum, as well as a new boot for series favourite Marceline. Each boot definitely captures the essence of each character making each boot very unique. A great way to show off your fandom and love for some great characters.

The Princess Bubblegum boot features wide pink eyelets with pink ribbon laces, white contrast welt stitching and a different face for each toe, capturing her sense of fun.

BMO, the living video game system, camera and movie player, makes up a teal canvas boot complete with embroidered games console details on the toe and lace keeper.

The all new canvas boot based around Marceline, the centuries-old guitar-playing gothic rocker, features an all over print of her character complete with purple stitch and blood red eyelets.

Available in Dr. Martens stores, selected partners globally, and online as of March 1st 2016. So get them while they last.

Adventure Time x Kidrobot

Nerd Block

Entertainment Earth


Sculpted by the same master artist responsible for many of the Marvel ARTFX+ statues, Junnosuke Abe (RESTORE); It’s hero vs. hero as Kotobukiya’s hit Marvel ARTFX+ series returns to the big screen with the upcoming Marvel movie Captain America: Civil War. The Two mighty characters headline the new collection starting with the star-spangled hero CAPTAIN AMERICA and a brand new armor suit, the IRON MAN MARK 46Captain America and Iron Man each stand just over 7 inches tall (in the ARTFX+ 1/10th scale).  Both heroes charge dynamically across a cracked and broken concrete battleground, and while each Captain America: Civil War ARTFX+ Statue is an incredible display piece on its own, they’re even better together as their bases join to create an amazing battle scene!

Entertainment Earth

Fighting for what he believes is the true American way, Captain America (played by Chris Evans in the Marvel Cinematic Universe) heads into battle fearlessly against his fellow Avenger Iron Man. Captain America charges forward in his distinctive uniform, his shield leading the way and fist ready to strike for justice. 

On the other side of this Civil War; the latest creation of Tony Stark (played by Robert Downey Jr.) is the Iron Man Mark 46.  It incorporates all of the brilliant inventor’s cutting edge innovations. This brand new Iron Man suit is a perfect replica of the one you’ll see in the film, and it’s captured in a super cool battle pose as the Armored Avenger lunges forward and steadies his right arm for a repulsor ray blast!  A direct descendent of previous suits like the Mark 43, the Mark 46 suit is a sleek war machine with interlocking armor plates, tons of technological details, and of course the awesome chest-mounted arc reactor and trademark faceplate.  Of course, all of that is presented in gleaming red and gold with additional silver accents.

The accuracy in these statues looks like they stepped right off the screen with an incredibly accurate sculpt. Capturing all of the intricate details; for Captain America his patriotic red, white, and blue costume including the reinforced armor, straps, buckles, boots, gloves, and of course the “A” mask with chin strap.  And while the colors on his costume are muted his iconic shield is bright with metallic paint and will immediately catch your eye in your Marvel collection. Suggested retail price $69.99 for each of these statues and will be Available October 2016 just in time for those who like to do their Christmas shopping early. 

Save 10-50% on in-stock toys at TFAW.com.

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Review: Raising Dion #1

“Light Rays”
Written by Dennis Liu
Art & Lettering by Jason Piperberg

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"Raising Dion" is one of the most talked about comic books in 2015. I know I’m late to the party but it was still worth picking up and I’m glad I did. Described as a superhero comic book from the parents perspective; Raising Dion gives us a sort of Smallville look at raising a child with tremendous abilities that are constantly changing with every year that passes, without the teenage melodrama. This is from the perspective of a young black single mother who is not only training her son with the help of comic books but teaching her son what it means to be better than what your powers make you.

Review: Mighty Morphin Power Rangers Issue 1

Entertainment Earth

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers #1
Boom! Studios
Written by Kyle Higgins
Illustrated by Hendry Prasetya
Colors by Matt Herms
Letters by Ed Dukeshire
Cover by Jamal Campbell

Mighty Morphin Power Rangers issue 1 is best described as Green Ranger year one. Taking immediately after the Green Ranger Saga where Tommy Oliver was under Rita’s spell to be her evil Ranger and destroy the other Rangers along with Angel Grove. The story starts with Bulk & Skull recapping the events of what took place in Angel Grove from their perspective for their TV show. They recap Rita’s invasion of Earth, the Power Rangers first appearance and saving everyone in town, and Rita “creating” the Green Ranger to battle the Rangers. 

Evolve 56 Rewind 03/19/2016

Evolve 56
Queens, NY
All Photographs by Danny Baxter 
Century Versys

On Saturday March 19 2016 Evolve Championship Wrestling, as part of the World Wrestling Network (WWN), came to Queens NY at club La Boom. La Boom was a nice venue for this event. There was no food, but the bar was available which I thought was weird because I’d figured there would be at least snacks. Merchandise table was fully stocked with DVDs and evolve T-shirts, further to the left on the other side of the ring was more being sold by wrestlers. Johnny Gargano was one of the few that I was able to see selling his shirts at the time before the event began. The lighting was already preset for the show so it was hard to tell who was there selling merch.