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Review: ASM The Jade Amulet Album

Last year I wrote about the A State of Mind's (ASM) single/music video “Masking ft. MF Doom as KingDumile”. Done as a motion comic that told a piece of the story in this Cinematic Hip Hop Odyssey. In the song, Narrated by Green, Shalim confronts the evil king Dumile. But rather than face off with the young Shalim, Dumile he flees and leaves Shalim with a warning that he may suffer the same fate as him. The music is a nice build up for this epic confrontation and the lyrics are solid.

Review: The Dharma of Star Wars

The Dharma of Star Wars: Revised and Expanded Edition
By Matthew Bortolin
Published by Wisdom Publications
Pages: 176

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Disclaimer: I received this book for free as an ARC to review. This has no impact on my review whatsoever.

This expanded edition according to the author: “It’s a thorough examination of what the Force can teach us about Buddhism, and what Buddhism can teach us about the Force”. The Dharma of Star Wars is a Buddhist take on the philosophies of the Jedi and Sith orders. It skillfully uses Buddhism to clarify what it means to be a Knight in the Jedi order or a Sith Lord.