Review: Wonder Woman Q Figure by Quantum Mechanix

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Quantum Mechanix Inc. is a Los Angeles-based creative studio and developer of screen-accurate replicas, collectibles, apparel, artwork, and digital apps and games inspired by entertainment’s most beloved shows and movies. Q-Figs are a line of pop culture chibi-style figures that come with a whiteboard speech bubble that you can personalize. While they are chibi style figures they are also meant to capture the joy of children cosplaying their favorite superheroes and the emotion and motion of every scene they depict. Each figure ranges in levels from 1 to 4 starting with a simple base to more complex dioramas with added lighting effects.

At this year's NY Toy Fair I was incredibly lucky to have received their Basic level 1 Q-Fig Wonder Woman figure for free. Designed by Mohammad "Hawk" Haque it includes a whiteboard speech bubble and marker for writing your own phrases or sound effects.With her trademark tiara, bulletproof bracelets and Golden Lasso of Truth, while holding a play-sized version of her stealth invisible jet; captured in a joyful pose that gives you a great sense of her exuberance.

The figure is 3.37in/8/57cm in height so it makes for a nice work desk decoration or even on your shelves. The base is attached to the figure, but the word balloon had to be attached to base. It was kind of tricky to get the word balloon into the base as well as remove it, but once it was in it looked amazing. Plus you can customize the word balloon to read whatever your like with the sharpie that comes with the figure.

The figure is made of pvc and it's a solid design, no removable parts, comes pre-painted and it looks adorable. It definitely captures the whimsy of a child playing with her toy running around in her favorite Wonder Woman costume. The paint job on the figure I received is superb with no erroneous errors or blemishes. The details in the figure are amazing; everything from her hair, costume and even the toy that she is holding looks like they put a lot of effort into making this figure. Through their website you can pick this up at a price point of $14.95, which for what you are getting is very decently priced. This item makes a great splurge or a gift for any comic book fan or collector.


Wonder Woman DC Comics Premium Format(TM) Figure

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