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Axel Braun Crowdfunds 'The Empire Strikes Back XXX' Parody

Indiegogo Campaign for Anticipated Sequel to ‘Star Wars XXX’ Launches Feb. 22

Legendary adult film director Axel Braun has decided to crowdfund the sequel to the highest-selling adult movie of all time Star Wars XXX: A Porn Parody through Indiegogo.com, the largest global crowdfunding site. His most ambitious venture titled "The Empire Strikes Back XXX: An Axel Braun Parody" if successful, this will become the first adult film released completely free of charge. Free to also get out in front of piracy which has plagued the industry tremendously. While people think industries like music and Hollywood can handle rampant piracy the adult industry feels that hit a lot harder than those. Even having to partner with a site like PornHub to lessen their piracy hits against the industry.

Review: Wonder Woman Q Figure by Quantum Mechanix

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Quantum Mechanix Inc. is a Los Angeles-based creative studio and developer of screen-accurate replicas, collectibles, apparel, artwork, and digital apps and games inspired by entertainment’s most beloved shows and movies. Q-Figs are a line of pop culture chibi-style figures that come with a whiteboard speech bubble that you can personalize. While they are chibi style figures they are also meant to capture the joy of children cosplaying their favorite superheroes and the emotion and motion of every scene they depict. Each figure ranges in levels from 1 to 4 starting with a simple base to more complex dioramas with added lighting effects.

Netflix and Dreamworks expand deal

Last month news broke that Netflix expanded their current multi-year deal with Dreamworks Animation making Netflix a global powerhouse with the exception to China. The deal covers new original series as well as streaming rights to the Dreamworks Animation library.

In 2016 one of the new series Netflix and Dreamworks will be working on is a new reimagined Voltron show titled: Voltron Legendary Defender. Voltron was a very popular kids show in the 80s but has its roots in Japan as Beast King GoLion. Scenes from Beast King GoLion and Armored Fleet Dairugger XV and an English cast were used to make a more US kid friendly version. Aired in the United States from 1984 – 1985; A TV special, Voltron: Fleet of Doom was released in 1986, In 1998 a computer animated series, Voltron: The Third Dimension, was a short-lived series lasting just 26 episodes, and the last attempt to bring back Voltron was Nickelodeon’s 2011’s Voltron Force which also lasted just 26 episodes that focused on the original team with 3 new cadets being trained to replace certain key members.

So far the only images released for the new series was the teaser poster and the logo for the series. No word yet on whether it’s within the same continuity of the last Nickelodeon cartoon or in the comic book universe or even if the original 5 pilots will be used. The images from the teaser poster shows a Voltron shadow which resembles the Nickelodeon cartoon, but it could easily be a whole new redesign.  Dreamworks Animation picked up some rights to Voltron in its acquisition of Classic Media back in 2012. We all know a live-action "Voltron" movie had been talked about before tons of times over the years along with other properties like Macross, but never came to the big screen due to rights issues.



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McFarlane Toys to release: Five Nights at Freddy’s Construction


"During the day, the Show Stage at Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza is full of bright lights, happy children and singing animatronics! However when the night shift begins at midnight, the deadly horrors come to life". 

Five Nights at Freddy’s puts the player in the shoes of the new night watchmen of Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza. Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy, the restaurant’s animatronic attractions are a delight to children during operating hours, but when the lights go out, the terror begins. The world of Five Nights at Freddy’s is rich and mysterious, and the fanbase is hungry to discover all of its hidden secrets. The series spans four games, with a fifth on the horizon, as well as a recently released prose novel. 

Comic book icon and toy creator Todd McFarlane announced today that McFarlane Toys has teamed with video game maker Scott Cawthon to produce a line of highly collectible construction sets based on his runaway success, Five Night’s at Freddy’s. The series has become a verified cultural phenomenon over the last two years allowing Cawthorn to release three sequels. It’s been reported that there are over 2000 daily installs of the mobile game and influential YouTube stars have been recording their terrified reactions while playing the game. With all four Five Nights at Freddy’s games in the series firmly nestled into the top 100 paid app lists on mobile devices, the franchise has thus proven its longevity and consumer appeal.   

The first wave of McFarlane’s upcoming Five Nights at Freddy’s construction sets will depict intricately detailed buildable scenes at various price points. One of the first Construction Sets from McFarlane Toys will allow fans to build the iconic “Freddy Fazbear’s Pizza” restaurant featured in the first game.  The game’s main characters, Freddy, Bonnie, Chica and Foxy will all appear as buildable and collectible mini-figures that straddle the line between adorable and absolutely horrifying.

Bonnie, Freddy, & Chica

“We’ve struck the perfect balance,” said Todd McFarlane, Owner and CEO of McFarlane Toys. “The mini figures for the Five Nights at Freddy’s sets are equal parts cute and creepy.  The Five Nights at Freddy’s construction sets will be available at major retail locations beginning Summer 2016. Fans of both McFarlane Toys and Five Nights at Freddy’s can check www.mcfarlane.com and the McFarlane Toys social media channels for updates and news. 

The McFarlane Toys deal was brokered by Striker Entertainment, the licensing agency for Scottgames. McFarlane Toys will display Friday Nights at Freddy’s at International New York Toy Fair 2016 booth 1041. Showroom is by appointment only.

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Deadpool Rocket Ride Premium Motion Statue

Entertainment Earth

Standing fully erect at a colossal 10 inches high, this highly detailed Premium Motion Statue™ recreates one of Deadpool’s most iconic images. As with all of Factory Entertainment’s Premium Motion Statues™, this product features an integrated dynamic element which distinguishes it from other sculptural collectibles. In this instance Deadpool’s red rocket gracefully sways back and forth simulating a sky rocket in flight, sure to delight fans eager for further stimulation that regular statues cannot provide.

Bulls & Bears to Launch at Toy Fair 2016

Board Game and Online Multimedia Course Offer Groundbreaking Approach to Teaching Financial Literacy through Play and Fun

“In my 25 years working as an economist and financial manager, I learned that too many of our youth – and adults alike – are not prepared for the complex world in which they are expected to perform.  We need to find ways to make the knowledge they need accessible and appealing to them. By making basic economic principles and financial literacy concepts available in both electronic and “unplugged” formats, Bulls & Bears creates opportunities for students and educators to apply differentiated learning strategies to suit students of every age and ability level, from middle school through college and beyond". - 
Bulls & Bears CEO Dr. Mario Fischel

Shout! Factory releases: Ninja Sentai Kakuranger

Synopsis: Four hundred years ago, there was an epic battle between the great ninjas and the Youkai, mythical monsters who can summon lightning and grow into giants. The ninjas defeated the Youkai and sealed the Youkai Commander Nuarihyon and his Youkai energies in a cave protected by the “Seal Door.” In the present, one of the few remaining Youkai tricks Sasuke and Saizou, descendants of the ancient ninjas, into freeing the Youkai trapped behind the “Seal Door.” Now, it is up to Sasuke, Saizou and three other descendants of the great ninjas to come together and become the Kakurangers in order to defeat the Youkai and save the planet!

Who Watches the Watchmen' Premium Art Print

A tribute to Alan Moore's gritty superhero masterpiece turned pop culture phenomenon, Sideshow is proud to introduce the ‘Who Watches the Watchmen’ Premium Art Print by Jon Foster.

Rorshach, The Comedian, Dr. Manhattan, Silk Spectre, Nite Owl, and Ozymandias. It’s the glory days of costumed vigilantes, but the times are quickly changing. Their mission is to watch over humanity... but who is watching the Watchmen?

This 18x24" hand-numbered, limited edition art print features an authorized, automated penciled signature and embossed seal of authenticity.

Available framed or unframed. If framed option is chosen, your order will be specially framed for you. Please allow additional time to frame and ship your order.

Who Watches the Watchmen' Premium Art Print

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