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Jessica Drake Recognized as Mainstream Star of the Year at AVN Awards

Wicked Pictures Contract Star Honored for Her
Outspoken Support of Sex Education Reform
in Hundreds of Media Articles!

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Sex educator and Wicked Pictures contract performer Jessica Drake was recognized as Mainstream Star of the Year at the 2016 AVN Awards. The award-winning performer turned sexual health advocate was honored in part due to her tireless support for sex education reform. Drake’s advocacy was documented in hundreds of media articles throughout the year.

IAmElemental to Reveal New Figures at NY Toy Fair

IAmElemental (http://www.IAmElemental.com), creators of the first female action figures designed specifically for children, will be debuting the Series 2: Wisdom, at Booth #5853 at the NY International Toy Fair on February 13-16, 2016. I was first introduced to the toy line at last year's Toy Fair and was amazed by the backstory and just the thought they put behind this line. It's not just a simple toy line geared towards girls, these are characters that appeal to kids and collectors

Series 1: Courage was based off the female heroine Joan of Arc; Series 2: Wisdom another collection of seven 4” articulated action figures. Who these new series of figures will be based off of will be revealed at the 2016 NY Toy Fair. Series 2 continues in IAmElemental’s tradition of providing a strong, healthy female figure, drawing inspiration from ancient warriors as well as modern superheroes.  

IAmElemental will begin accepting pre-orders at www.IAmElemental.com for Series 2/Wisdom on February 12, 2016, with shipping anticipated in August 2016 to pre-order customers, specialty and online toy retailers.  Individual figures will be available at MSRP $10.99 and complete sets at MSRP $69.99.

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Daqri Smart Helmet

Introducing the World’s First Wearable Human Machine Interface The DAQRI SMART HELMET™ bridges the gap between potential and experience by seamlessly connecting the worker to their environment and providing contextually relevant information that connects the individual to their industry.

With a heads-up display that turns a construction site into an augmented reality field, an Intellitrack system that uses 360-degree navigation cameras to analyze environments, which gives a pseudo X-ray vision on the job site. Intel’s contribution is the M7 chip and a RealSense camera.

Designed specifically for construction, manufacturing and other industrial sites, the Smart Helmet uses a combination of sensors and cameras to analyze and detect objects and other context from a worker’s surroundings and displays data based on what it sees.

Further features include:

  • Thermal vision sensors for predictive maintenance 
  • Live equipment data visualization
  • Integration with DAQRI 4D Studio augmented work instruction platform

The Smart Helmet has been in the pilot phase with Fortune 100 partners across industries including aerospace, construction and oil and gas, and will be available for purchase by the end of Q1 2016.


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Sony Creative Software Inc.

Sony Creative Software Inc.

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Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice ARTFX+

Entertainment Earth

One of the most highly anticipated films of 2016, Batman V Superman: Dawn of Justice will be arriving to theaters in the United States March 25th. Kotobukiya is excited to announce movie accurate versions of both Batman and Superman will be offered as ARTFX+ statues which can be placed together to form a truly dynamic scene.

Combine the two ARTFX+ statues together at the base to replicate the epic battle everyone has been waiting for! The ARTFX+ Batman and Superman are sold separately so that they can also be displayed by themselves. 

As the Man of Steel swings his punches at Batman, Gotham's vigilante guards himself with one arm, with his fist pulled back ready to strike at Superman. The 1/10 scale ARTFX+ Batman V Superman statues include all the intricate details at an easier to collect size. Don't miss the chance to own the two most famous DC Comics heroes!

Priced at $69.99 for each statue and will be available in May of 2016

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Martian Watches Debuts New SmartWatch Collection at CES

Martian Watches Launches Kindred Vip(TM) Collection of Discreet Notification Smartwatches for Women with alert filtering to allow important VIP messages based on information that she chooses

Martian's Latest Watch Designs Incorporate New mVip discreet technology and a new Smart mVip Companion App with the Introduction of Kindred vip 38mm Round Women's Smartwatches built by Seiko Instrument Hong Kong and Interchangeable Smart Jewelry Bracelet Modules

 Martian Watches™, a California-based developer of award-winning fashion-forward analog smartwatches, today announced the unveiling of its new Martian mVip™ discreet notifications technology in the Kindred Vip™ Collection of women's analog notification smartwatches and jewelry, designed to discreetly alert a woman to important VIP messages based on information that she chooses – while she leaves her smartphone in a nearby pocket or bag. These new watches and jewelry, along with Martian's newest line of men's Active mVoice™ Voice Command smartwatches, will be on display at the Martian booth #72742 at the Sands Expo Center during the International CES event this week in Las Vegas, NV.

"We recognize that wearable technology, specifically discreet notifications, will continue to touch our connected lives which is why we've expanded our line of smartwatches and wearable jewelry to help accommodate this need," said Jeffrey Hsiech, CEO of Martian Watches. "Over the past year, we've entered into strategic partnerships combining Martian's smart technologies and App ecosystem with other leaders in the traditional watch and jewelry space including the recently launched GUESS Connect™ smartwatch and now smart jewelry with India-based PC Jeweller."

Kindred vip – Woman's Hybrid Smartwatch
Featuring Martian's mVip discreet smart notification technologies, a modest round diameter of only 38mm and a stainless steel case in ion-plated rose gold, black and polished stainless steel, the Kindred vip is a true woman's hybrid smartwatch.

Kindred vip uniquely has no discernible technology on its watch face and only a discreet LED alert light located on the side of the case at the 6 o'clock position, allowing users to create and customize their own "VIP Groups" defining discreet vibration patterns, in combination with seven unique consumer-assigned LED color notifications through the Martian Smart mVip companion app. Kindred vip also features a built in accelerometer for step and sleep tracking, and its fitness data will be open for use in apps and ecosystems such as Google Fit, Up by Jawbone and others.  Adding a leash feature and a 'tap to recall' function for notifications, the Kindred vip provides smart, discreet and stylish smartwatch functionality. The Kindred vip is water resistant, has a two year analog battery and lithium battery capacity of two-three weeks before being needed to be recharged via a pogo pin. Martian's dual battery feature eliminates the need to charge your smartphone daily. Italian leather straps and stainless steel bracelets are interchangeable enabling users to easily customize the watches to complement their own unique lifestyle.

The Kindred vip smartwatch was produced in conjunction with Seiko Instrument Hong Kong (SIH) and uses both a Miyota 3-hand analog movement and Martian's 'Powered by Martian' mVip discreet technology module to achieve the highest level of quality, functionality and performance in a true hybrid smartwatch.

Kindred vip's modern design watch series includes two lifestyle collections:

Kindred vip CL Series: The perfect smart style day to evening companions with looks for business to casual dress to evening occasions.

Kindred vip SP Series: Sporty watches that are fun and colorful with crisp dials, vibrant contrasting indexes.

Kindred vip Smart Jewelry
Martian will also showcase its new Kindred vip Smart Jewelry, an elegant smart wearable solution for fashion and fine jewelry. Featuring Martian's mVip discreet smart notifications technologies, the Kindred vip smart bracelet offers one of the smallest and slimmest water-resistant wireless Bluetooth notification modules available today. A discreet LED alert light, is located on the top of the bracelet and an alert vibration motor hidden within, Kindred vip jewelry discreetly alerts the user to what she wants or needs to know, while enjoying moments with family and friends.

Like Martian's Kindred vip smartwatches, it's jewelry notification products allow consumers to create and customize their own "VIP Groups" defining discreet vibration patterns, in combination with seven unique consumer-assigned LED color notifications through the Martian Smart mVip companion app.

The Martian Active mVoice Collection includes two unique lines:
Martian mVoice PT Series: Arouses nostalgia with its retro, timeless design. Although equipped with smartwatch capabilities and high-tech performance, the PT series the simple, distinctive style of a vintage or retro airman's watch.

Martian mVoice AE Series: Boasts bold features with an active lifestyle design. This watch presents a precision appearance through an uncluttered 24-hour clock display with modern smartwatch features.

Martian's "Powered by Martian" B2B solution, partners with PC Jeweller Limited (PCJ):
Martian also announced its "Powered by Martian" B2B solution and partnership with PC Jeweller Limited (PCJ) of India, a $1 billion public jewelry conglomerate. Together, the companies will develop precious gold and semi-precious "smart" jewelry featuring six interchangeable design capsules through PCJ's award-winning jewelry designs utilizing Martian's 'Powered by Martian' smart jewelry device and App ecosystem.

PC Jeweller Limited and Martian Watches develop precious gold and semi-precious "smart" jewelry utilizing Martian's 'Powered by Martian' smart jewelry notifications and App ecosystem

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Star Wars The Force Awakens Kylo Ren ARTFX+ Statue

Entertainment Earth

Another great Kotobukiya Japanese import! From Star Wars Force Awaken; ARTFX+ Statues bring you all of the quality and detailing that you expect from an ARTFX release in a great smaller scale perfect for collecting!

The mysterious shrouded Kylo Ren accompanies the First Order in their quest to control the galaxy. As he aids their campaign new information surfaces about the whereabouts of a Jedi Master that will lead him on a direct course to face his past. Display Kylo Ren with his hood up or down in 8 unique poses with the included action parts. Kylo Ren is perfectly scaled (1/10) to the figures in the ARTFX+ line and comes with magnets in his feet for extra stability on the included metal display base.

Entertainment Earth

ARTFX+ Statues are fun-to-assemble pre-painted snap-fit kits that can be put together easily in seconds without glue or modeling skill. Display this Dark Force-wielder alongside other Star Wars Episode VII: The Force Awakens figure kits from Kotobukiya! Priced at $69.99 this stature will be available in July 2016

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Book Review: Two Guys Detective Agency

Two Guys Detective Agency
By Stephanie Bond
195 pgs
Published June 11, 2013

**Minor Spoilers Ahead**
Two Guys Detective Agency is not a story about two guys running a detective agency, but rather two ladies from Kentucky. Two sisters who went from leading 2 very different ordinary lives, to now leading one life forever changed by tragic circumstances now filled with mystery. Linda Guy & Octavia Guy are Two Guys Detective Agency.

Stephanie Bond was pursuing an engineering career when an instructor remarked that she had a flair for writing and suggested that she submit to academic journals. Upon completing her master’s degree and with no formal training in writing (her undergraduate degree is in computer programming), she started writing a romance novel in her spare time. Two years later in 1995 she sold her first manuscript, a romantic comedy, to Harlequin Books. In 1997, with ten sales under her belt to two publishers, Stephanie left her corporate job to write fiction full-time. She went on to write romance and mystery novels for Random House, St. Martin’s Press, and HarperCollins. In 2011, Stephanie launched a self-publishing business. Her stories are more on the humorous, but have an amazing ability to weave humor and tragedy seamlessly. 

Our story begins with Linda, a housewife in the suburbs, chasing away a squirrel from the bird feeder and getting her kids ready for school. It's as suburban as you can get, with women of the neighborhood doing group walks, and freshly mowed front lawns. The author, Stephanie Bond, does a great job in setting up the setting. While everything is in the ordinary, you soon realize the Smith house is out of the ordinary with half their home still in repair, and the piles of tools lying around. Money has become a troubling issue since Linda's husband, Sullivan, quit the force and became a private detective. At first the idea was hopeful, but with a lack of clientele it has put pressure on Linda's heart and mind especially since they have 2 kids to take care of.  As you read Linda's daily routine, you can feel that choke on your heart that she has when it comes to figuring out what will they do if this situation of theirs continues to go on. Stephanie Bond does a masterful job tugging on your heartstrings and provides a great monolog of Linda's thoughts. 

On the other side of the sisterly spectrum is Octavia. She was the popular sister, the outgoing one, the cheerleader and even a pageant queen at one time. Unlike her sister she married a wealthy lawyer and spends her time spending his money. She lives in a mansion on the outskirts of town, has maids, and the finest clothes money can buy. From her dialogue when you are introduced to her you would think she was a born socialite and not someone who married into the lifestyle. Unlike her sister, Octavia’s compassion has its limits and she has no problem looking down on others, even her own sister. Ms Bond writes her as that stereotypical rich woman that doesn’t have a care in the world. But it's when tragedy strikes her as well is when you really get to see who Octavia is. A crass, cunning, and unapologetic woman who won't let anyone stand in her way.

With 2 very different lives they don't exactly make time to say hello to each, maybe the occasional card on the holidays and birthday. So what brings these two polar opposite sisters together is a death in the family. What keeps them together however is another mystery and more debt.

Stephanie Bond does a great job fleshing out each character giving them their own unique voices. She paints every scene almost like a painter and sets the mood for every scene really well. The mystery that brings the sisters together is a great puzzler as well. She really knows how to keep the reader enthralled with the entire situation. You find yourself genuinely worried about the characters and surprised by every twist and turn she throws at you leading to a very satisfying ending. The book is definitely worth picking up and adding to your collection. Two very different and yet strong female leads who go from depending on their significant other, to being the ones that everyone is relying on to take care of everything. Linda and Octavia don’t feel like helpless damsels at all, but rather 2 females who are playing the role that they are giving. Once their circumstances had changed their characters felt like they broke out of that shell and became the women they were meant to be. I give this book 5 stars for the great characters and plot.   

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KidLit TV

KidLit TV is comprised of a diverse group of parents, educators, librarians, KidLit creators, and award winning filmmakers all working together to bring great books to kids! Their mission is to create fun new ways to reinforce an appreciation of reading that children will carry with them for the rest of their lives. Julie Gribble is the owner of New York Media Works which creates and produces works for children and the children’s literature community in both the United States and Great Britain. She founded KidLit TV to help children’s authors and illustrators broaden their audience by using new technologies to complement and promote their work. KidLit TV is the first online resource of its kind for parents, librarians, teachers, and KidLit creators. Founded by Julie Gribble, the owner of New York Media Works which creates and produces works for children and the children’s literature community in both the United States and Great Britain, she founded KidLit TV to help children’s authors and illustrators broaden their audience by using new media platforms to complement and promote their work. KidLit TV is the first online resource of its kind for parents, librarians, teachers, and KidLit creators.

KidLit TV is also home to original series such as:

  • STORYMAKERS the flagship series is an entertaining talk show highlighting bestselling authors and illustrators in the kid lit world. The series is hosted by Rocco Staino, Contributing Editor at School Library Journal, a contributing writer at The Huffington Post, and Director of Empire State Center for the Book!
  • FIELD TRIP – Our crew hits the road to explore the world of kid lit.
  • INSIDE SCOOP – Sneak a peek at bestselling authors’ new books.
  • READ OUT LOUD – Read your favorite books with your favorite authors!
  • KIDLIT RADIO - NEW podcast and audio content station.
  • KIDLIT KIBBLES - Educational, inspiring, and entertaining news from the world of kid lit.
  • RED CARPET EVENTS - Interviews and back-stage access to literary events.

During their inaugural year, KidLit TV experienced many firsts:

  • First free multimedia website connecting parents and educators with authors, illustrators and their books.
  • Launched a video series called StoryMakers featuring top children's authors and illustrators.
  • Launched a radio show podcast of their StoryMakers interviews.
  • And most recently they celebrated their first birthday party!

On Monday, November 16, 2015 celebrated one year as the web’s premiere destination for children’s literature. To celebrate their first year, KidLit TV teamed up with Tad Hills and ArtWorks for Youth. Artwork created by professional kid lit illustrators was available for purchase via silent auction the night of the event. Proceeds from sales will benefit AWFY. ArtWorks for Youth (AWFY) provide free visual art instruction, academic support, and mentoring to students in Port Elizabeth, South Africa. Other highlights included: Delectable dumplings created by Marja Samsom The Dumpling Diva, Nursery rhyme inspired beverages from Tim Federle's Hickory Daiquiri Dock, mixed by Cody Goldstein, contributor to Hickory Daiquiri Dock and Gone With the Gin, and Giveaways including signed first editions, book bundles & swag, and MerryMakers plush toys.