• NSFW Review: Future Fragments

    NSFW Review of the Future Fragments Game

  • Nikki Knightly Brings The Funny

    Nikki Knightly Brings the Funny

  • Review: I'm a Behemoth

    Volume One Review of I'm a Behemoth Manga

Porn Sparks Love Campaign (NSFW)

A new website, PornSparksLove.com, launched today, dedicated to combating anti-porn efforts and propaganda. Developed by adult e-tail site GameLink.com, GameLink was founded in San Francisco in 1993. Today it is the leading online distributor of adult content through its website which provides an enhanced user experience with cutting edge functionality. The Porn Sparks Love campaign highlights the positive impact of pornography on love and relationships around the world through expert and viewer testimonials, as well as scientific studies and media articles. Garnering the support of the adult industry and its millions of fans, the de-shaming initiative supports openness, creative self-expression, and all forms of sexuality. GameLink’s new campaign is a positive response to an anti-porn smear effort by Fight the New Drug, a Salt Lake City-based conservative group with Mormon ties. Scores of billboards have recently begun popping up in San Francisco and other cities, which read, “Porn Kills Love; Fight For Love.” The website PornKillsLove.com is posted at the bottom of each billboard.

Review: OSTEO Corps #1

Written & Created: Steven J Cyr, MD
Illustrator: Thiago A. Silva
Colors: by Together Studio  

OsteoCorps is an all ages educational comic book based on science and health. It is a way to help educate children on their injuries and illnesses in the world of superheroes and super villains. It’s a way to take away the fear and stigma that many kids have of hospitals and to help them find the courage they made need to face things head on.

Comic Books by Adult Film Stars

Adult Entertainment has always been about the fantasy of sex. So when certain adult stars branched out into XXX-Parodies of famous movies and TV shows, it was no real surprise how well those features did. Like Rule 34 says on the internet, if it exists there is porn of it. Porn companies have dabbled in the world of comic books as a way to promote their own studios or girls. 

BEYOND20 Principal Erika Flora Selected as Women in Technology's 2016 Leadership Foundry

BEYOND20 announced today that its Principal, Erika Flora, has been selected as a member of the 2016 Women in Technology Leadership Foundry program. Flora, a founder and managing partner of the ITSM consulting firm, is one of eighteen women selected for the class of 2016. 

Women's Roller Derby Teams Compete for 10th International Championship

Entertainment Earth

The top women's roller derby teams in the world will compete for the sport's highest honors, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Division 1 and Division 2 Championship titles, Nov. 6-8, 2015, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Thousands of roller derby skaters and fans from around the world will pack Saint Paul's Legendary Roy Wilkins Arena as 16 teams enter a fierce battle to take home the trophy and the title of WFTDA Division Champion.