Review: Masking by A State of Mind ft MF Doom (Music Video)

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European hip hop artists A State of Mind (ASM) released a new music video based off their track Masking featuring MF Doom from their recently released album The Jade Amulet in the form of a motion comic book. Written & Directed by ASM featuring an original score by Fade and The Black Knight Chamber Orchestra. 

The video chronicles the return of an exiled son coming to seek revenge on the evil King Dumile his father, voiced by MF Doom, who exiled him and his mother. Described as a cinematic Hip Hop odyssey, the motion comic takes place in an ancient mystical setting. It beings with our hero Shalim, voiced by ASM artist FP, riding on horseback arriving at the castle of the king as he infiltrates the castle, making his way to king’s throne room. From there we glimpse the events that led us to this fateful confrontation.

While it is a motion comic book, make no mistake the visuals are just as stunning as if you were watching an animated short. The art alone is worth watching the video; along with the music they complement each other in perfect harmony. An entire animated feature could be made based on the album. The track listings on the album are listed as chapters chronicling the entire saga. The motion comic really works as a great medium for this, allowing the music to guide along the path instead of just acting like a soundtrack. The storytelling is superb and definitely has you wanting to know more of the story from the beginning and to the end.

For those looking to purchase the album, on the A Stateof Mind website they are offering combo deals. You can purchase the album as a double vinyl gatefold which includes The Jade Amulet 40 page comic book, inlay poster, and a free download of the album along with instrumentals and lyrics. Also included is unlimited streaming of THE JADE AMULET via the free Bandcamp app, plus high-quality download in MP3, FLAC and more for €22 EUR/$25 USD. Another combo pack is the CD Digipack which also includes the comic book, free album download, and unlimited streaming for €15 EUR/$17 USD. The digital album download is also available for only €9.99 EUR/$11 USD.


The Jade Amulet album cover (

A State of Mind (ASM) is currently on tour in Europe performing monthly concerts from October 2015 – April 2016. ASM consists of MC Green, MC FP, and DJ/Producer Fade, who were friends in high school who got together to create something unique and share it with the world. While the Jade Amulet is visually accompanied by a graphic novel/comic book version of the story, the corresponding live shows take the form of a marriage of funked-out hip hop show and traditional theatre piece.

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