Interview: Author Stephanie Bond

Author Stephanie Bond

Stephanie Bond grew up on a farm in a tiny town in eastern Kentucky.  She is one of three children, one brother and one sister.  Her childhood was running around the farm, gardening, sewing, quilting, painting and, of course reading!  Reading everything she could get my hands on, from Progressive Farmer to the local newspaper. She did not have any plans to become a writer; graduated with a degree in computer science she took up writing after a suggestion from a professor. 

Baldwin A Saintilus: I'm here with Stephanie Bond here at the independent authors booth. In your book 'Two Guys Detective Agency', there is such big contrast in backgrounds with the sisters. Is there a reason for that?

Stephanie Bond: Oh well, when you say sisters you automatically think of conflict but in these two sisters they're so, so different and estranged from each other that it just make a very good story. It's easy to write when you've got one sister who is rich and the other one who's struggling and then they suddenly found themselves in the same situation and they have to bond together to work to start a new PI agency, so just makes for really fun story and I hope readers like it. I've had a lot of fun writing it.

BAS: Do you have an idea of how many books in the series?

SB: Let's see I've already got the second cover up for the second book. And the second books is called 'Two Guys Detective Agency Second Helping' and it's coming out at probably in about two or three months. I've almost got it, but it's got to be edited. I always start every series thinking I'll have 10 books in the series. So I will shoot for 10 books and if readers keep writing more, then I keep writing more.

BAS: That's very exciting. Your work ranges from the humorous to the sexy. Is that how your mind works or how you think in general?

SB: I think people read to escape and to have fun so I want everything to have a little bit of humor in it. But I also want it to be based in enough real life that people can relate to the characters and to the situation, so anytime I can inject a little extra entertainment into the story so a little extra sex a little extra humor, I'm always happy to. So that's what I try to do.

BAS: Are you a mainly fiction writer?

SB: Mainly fiction, right. I do have a couple of books, that will be coming out later this year that are non-fiction books about writing and the writing process and the business of writing.

BAS: What has been the inspiration for this book?

SB: I've always wanted to write a book about sisters. I have a great relationship with my own sister in fact, but I just thought this would be a good series to set up two women who are so opposite and I've always wanted to write a book too or a series set in Lexington, Kentucky which is I'm from and spent several years living there. I love the area and thought it would be a fun place to have the series set in so it just all came together. And I thought of this idea of 'Two Guys Detective Agency' and their last name is Guy and everyone think its men that are run in the place but really it's two women and it just seem perfect for two sisters.

BAS: How much research do you have to do in some of your books?

SB: Well I've actually taken the course work to become a private investigator in the State of Georgia. Most of the research was me taking the class myself and doing the paperwork and a test you take and you learn a lot about self-defense and you learn about crime scene investigation, fingerprinting, surveillance, photography; a little bit of everything but you also take handgun training and learn how to use a firearm when you take a test. So there is such a lot of research involved and I've done to all of that to become a P.I. so I'm hoping that I can use all of it in my books.

BAS: So have you ever gone out on a actual P.I. investigation?

SB: No I haven't gone out because you have to, even though I've passed the coursework, you have to apprentice under another investigator before you can do your own investigative work. So I haven't actually done any for pay, let's just say. I've done a few things for friends that we probably shouldn't talk about. [chuckle]

BAS: So if you ever decide to stop writing, would you be actually PI full time?

SB: Oh, you know that's a good question. I would consider it because I think it's really an interesting job. Unfortunately, most private investigative work is surveillance and that's not the most interesting. But now there is so much P.I. work with computers and my background is Computer Science. So I think I could combine the two and maybe come up with a pretty interesting job. So if this writing gig doesn't work out, then who knows, maybe I'll become an investigator.

BAS: So, like you just mentioned that you have a background in computer science. So did you have to go to school for any writing or you just started writing?

SB: I just started writing. I think the best training to be a writer is to be great reader. And I've read so many books and I've loved reading growing up and most of my life. No, I didn't study English, I didn't study creative writing, none of that. I have a Computer Science major and an MBA and I just decided one day. Someone suggested to me, one of my instructors as a matter of fact, suggested that I had a flair for writing and it just seemed right. When someone says that and points that out to you it's like, you know what... "I do feel good when I'm writing, that's my favorite thing to do" and it just seems like "Why I didn't think of this before?" So I was already well deep into another career before I start writing but everything, every step leads you to where you are and I'm happy with way things worked out.

BAS: Do you have any final words for your fans?

SB: Oh, just thanks you so much for your support. I recently left major publishing and started self-publishing and it's so much business and it's a huge endeavor. And I'm not writing as quickly as I would like. So, I'm not getting the books out there as fast as I wanted to the last couple years. But this year is gonna be my year of production, so I'm hoping to get a lot more titles out there. So, thanks for being patient with me and visit my website at to find out more about my books. And thank you for the interview.

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