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Interview with Harriet SugarCookie pt 3 (NSFW)

Entertainment Earth

Baldwin A Saintilus: Getting a little bit serious now. Recently, the UK has passed laws about what's allowed in the adult industry. What’s your opinion on this whole situation?

Harriet SugarCookie: The UK has been changing its legislation to censor porn for a long time now. The latest legislation is actually an amendment to something they did in 2003. So the difference with this one is that, it has had such interest on the Internet. It's a lot more publicized, when compared to a lot of other things they do, it's a lot more lowbrow and people don't notice it. For me, it makes things a little bit more difficult, but not too much because I haven't done a face-sitting video, I haven't done a fisting video, I haven't done strangulation, I haven't done water sports, and there are things that I possibly wouldn't have considered doing anyway. 

So the restrictions are a lot worse for people in the fetish industry, and the BDSM community, and it also really hits the small independent companies bad. But the problem for me with them is that they are censoring our media, and under no circumstances is that okay. Like some people somewhere, one day decided what was morally right for us sexually, and they wrote down in a law saying, "We can do this, and we can't do that," and they're judging us for it. They're choosing for us without any questions, like they didn't ask the public. So a lot of the time, they will make sure that the things they pass are in favor of the public because that's how you vote for your party, that's how you vote for the government. You pick people based on what their policies are, but no one talks about porn, because people are worried about it. People go, "Oh," they're too embarrassed to talk about it. That's how they're able to pass these laws, that is how they're able to censor the Internet. It starts off with porn because no one wants to talk about it and they'll move on to something else, and before you know it, they'll have crazy censorship on everything, right?

Interview with Harriet SugarCookie pt 2 (NSFW)

Entertainment Earth

Baldwin A Saintilus: So, on your website, you met with a fan recently. How was that? 

Harriet SugarCookie: That was a bit of a trigger title. She was actually a friend of mine from before, but she didn't tell me that she watched my shows. She came in my show and she actually talked to me and to everyone. It never clicked that it was her. And then I was getting these messages from her. I was like, "Oh, it's one of these people.", 'Cause I actually make a pretty big rule of not meeting up with people one-on-one. I think it can be dangerous. I trust everyone, I really do, but there's still that percentage, that small chance that you meet someone that it's going to be dangerous. So rather than take that risk, I try not to. But she was trying to get me to meet up with her and she had to drop some really stupid clues that it was her. When it clicked, I was like, "Oh my God. I can't believe you've been watching me for months. How can I not tell it was you?" 'Cause I'm a dense, dense person.


Interview with Harriet SugarCookie pt 1 (NSFW)

Back in December of 2014 I had the pleasure of interviewing cam model Harriet SugarCookie. At the time she had been nominated for an AVN award for best solo girl website and was preparing for her trip to Vegas from the UK. During her trip in Vegas she managed to meet legends like Ron Jeremy, Nina Hartley, and her personal hero Asa Akira. She also interviewed managed to get some fun interviews other stars attending the show. She also got some "work" in during the AVN during off hours with cam girl Jacquey Azul from MyFreeCams. She even did a special skype raffle with Mitsuko Doll (xwildthingx). The majority of our conversation went off into topics like going clubbing, food, and even politics, but we managed to stay on track for the majority of the interview. It was the most most fun and interesting interview that I've had in a long while.

MailChimp: Freddie Review

Glow Freddie

Some say that Freddie is a myth. But you and I, we know the truth. We know that Freddie has always walked among us—from the frozen tundra on down to the swamps of Okefenokee, from the dawn of man on into the unseeable future. He’s a wily creature, and not everyone is ready to see something so strange and unusual.

Mailchimp partnered with Reply All to bring you Freddie. A limited collection of collectible figures that each have their own unique property. This particular Freddie I received is a glow in the dark Freddie, not that posable with the exception of the his arms being able to twist up and down, and his head can turn 360 degrees. The detail on this figure is pretty amazing as well; from the hat on his head to his backpack and even his fur & ears makes it a figure worth displaying.

The box that Freddie comes is something a collector my think is worth keeping. Has this plaid pattern with a textured Freddie on the front and the back of it which gives you an idea of the detail of the figure. And on the side of it a nice scratch & sniff sticker. This one smiled like lemonade, which was surprisingly good.

Adult Collectible: Not a toy!

The way to obtain your very own Freddie is to go to http://mailchimp.com/replyall/. Once a new Freddie is available all you need to do is input your name and address and that's it. It's a free promotion, you don't pay shipping or give your credit card info. Once a Freddie is sold out, that's it you will not see that again for a while. It's about a month for you to receive your Freddie and display it proudly. So far there area 5 more Freddies left that have yet to be released so stay tuned.

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Kotobukiya Star Wars Product Announcements

Kotobukiya recently announced several new releases in time for the Star Wars: The Force Awakens movie coming out December 18, 2015.