ConnectiCon 2015: Friday

Arkham City Parolees in attendance 

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On July 10-12 I attended ConnectiCon for the 5th year in a row. Originally I had planned to just attend for one day at least, but a friend of mine convinced me to join the photography staff of ConnectiCon. After I did a trip to Hong Kong earlier this year, I had decided to limit myself to only one or two cons this year. Traveling overseas was fun and amazing and I hope to do more of that next year. ConnectiCon is definitely going to be one of the cons I attend regularly just because I've always had a great experience, plus the RiverFest Food truck festival was happening next door to convention during that weekend as well.

Arriving there as usual on a greyhound bus was a smooth ride; getting back home surprisingly was just as smooth thankfully. After checking into my hotel I headed straight for the con and checked into the photography staff department. I picked up a cool staff shirt, which I did have to pay for but not a big deal, and started my shift.

Friday being my first day I walked around taking photos; A lot of great cosplays this year and some that definitely stood out more than others. Of course a con wouldn’t be a con without seeing a cool cosplay from afar and then trying to catch up to said cosplayer while navigating through a sea of people. Some cosplayers I managed to get to just in time, and others I just had to hope I'd get lucky next time around. Part of being part of the photography staff meant attending a lot of panels, which was fine since a lot of them were either entertaining or very informative. And it's just not attending panels; my main job was to take photos of the panels in progress and of the audience in attendance.

The first panel I was supposed to cover was the Power Ranger panel, but that got pushed back to Saturday afternoon. Being a huge Power Ranger fan that is the one panel that I was looking forward to the most because The Power Rangers they had this year were: Austin St John, Karen Ashley, David Yost, and everyone’s favorite funny guy Jason Narvey. Thankfully one of the best things to love about ConnectiCon is that the lines for meeting guest are not ridiculously long where you need someone to stand in place for you in shifts.
The next panel that I actually got to cover in the Main Events Stage was the Twisted Toonz Voice Actor’s Movie Reading. This panel consisted of a group of voice over actors that got together and put their talented voices to work reading the scripts of popular movies. The script that they were reading from was the first Ghostbusters movie. The panel consisted of: Bill Farmer (Goofy), D.C. Douglas (Wesker, Legion), Phil LaMarr (Static, Hermes, and Green Lantern John Stewart), Maurice LaMarche (Brain, Kif Kroker), Janet Varney (Korra), and Kari Wahlgren (Charmcaster, Haruko). Hearing these talented voice actors using their characters on this script just made that movie even more hilarious. From start to finish it was a great experience.

Bill Farmer, D.C. Douglas, Kari Wahlgren, Moderator, Phil LaMarr, Janet Varney, & Maurice LaMarche

Next on my agenda was working the official ConnectiCon photo booth over in the Marriott side of the convention. We had a green screen set up so the shots we take can later on be edited with fun backgrounds. It was great fun working the photo booth and meeting all the random cosplayers that would swing by to get their photo taken. Plus you got to sit down & relax the while enjoying the air conditioning. The only drawback was the fact that the photo booth was stuck all the way in the back area, so I'm sure a lot of people who might have been interested getting their photo taken in the photo booth had a hard time finding us.

My last stop for Friday before wandering around some more and finally getting some food in me was the “Fakku!” Panel. The panel was primarily a Q&A panel, but they did reveal some a lot about their future plans for the site like no longer pirating any adult manga and publishing adult manga. So newly released adult mangas out in Japan will be available at the same time on their site uncensored. They have also stated that they are looking into adult games and hentai as well. As far as content goes, they have no qualms about the type of adult mangas they make available to the public; they feel everyone has the right to enjoy the content that they want without judgement. In the world Japanese adult manga, there is a lot of content to consume, nothing is taboo.

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