Toy Fair: Universal Partnership Brunch

On Sunday February 15 of Toy Fair 2015, I was able to attend a brunch held by Universal Partnership & Licensing. It was a big press event that brought out some popular names in YouTube that do toy reviews. The purpose of this event was to showcase their new line of merchandise that coincided with 2 upcoming releases by Universal Pictures: "Minions" & "Jurassic World". The whole event took place at the Crosby Street Hotel in Manhattan, which also doubles as a mini art gallery so when you find the hotel you kind of do a double take when entering. 

Downstairs is where the main event took place and surprisingly it was more of a family feel than a press event. Mainly because a lot of press people brought their kids and families along. The first stop on the press junket was a screening of the latest trailers for Minions and Jurassic World in a mini movie theater that the hotel has, complete with 3-D glasses and a popcorn machine. While my group was waiting to go into the theater, there were stations where kids and adults could draw, color, and play with certain Minion toys. For laughs have your picture taken with any of the 3 of the minions and of course there was plenty of food like mini banana pancakes, muffins, and scrambled raptor eggs. 
The trailer for Jurassic World was pretty much the same one that has been out for a while, but the minions trailer was the 2nd trailer that actually gave you an idea of what the main story was about and who the main villain would be in this story. 

After the trailers our next stop was the Merchandising room and they are going full force on merchandise for these two big franchises. 

For Jurassic World it was mainly figures, Lego playsets, clothes & accessories. All of which any kid would love to have. I do like the fact that I got to see what this new dinosaur that goes nuts in the movie looks like in toy form. So I am definitely looking forward to seeing what this thing can do on film. 

When it comes to the Minions side of things, they really are going full force with this. Their merch goes from toys, bed sheets, board games, shower & bath accessories, a big wheel, and safety helmets. Since it is a franchise aimed at kids with a somewhat adult following, it should do the better of the 2 movies this summer. So whether you have kids or just a Minion fan yourself, you are in for a lot of fun stuff this summer. 

It was a great mini family press event that was a lot of fun. I hope to do more of these, especially if my schedule allows it. I do wish I could have gotten a sneak peak at both films that no one would have gotten to see, but it was great seeing that second trailer of Minions, just because it's the Minions. 

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