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KOVOT "Level Complete" Gamer Mug (White)


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Disclaimer: I received this product for free to review

For those that can’t get enough gaming in their day I introduce you the new Kovot Gamer Mug. The KOVOT "Level Complete" Gamer Mug is a gamer’s mug, with two handles mimicking a game controller with hand painted buttons. The mug holds up to 14oz of liquid and a "Level Complete" message printed on the inside bottom of the mug letting you know that you finished your drink in case you couldn’t tell. 

The mug itself is plain white with no other prints on it. What makes the mug stand out is its handles. Shaped in the form of a game controller, that resembles the Xbox controller, split in half. The buttons themselves aren’t squeezable or moveable at all, but it does feel really nice.

Drinking from this mug is cool if you use both hands. Trying to drink normally with either handle feels uncomfortable and not as secure as a regular mug. Whether it’s hot or cold liquid drinking from this mug won’t increase your XP. This is a mug for those that want more gamer related merchandise. The lack of any sort of printing on the mug really hurts it in terms of anyone wanting to buy it. I know you shouldn’t play with your food, but a retro print on the mug would give the owner a reason to play with the handles more often. For the price it’s not bad, since it’s more of a collectible and makes a good gift just in time for the holidays. 

My rating: 3 out of 5 stars. 

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As Exxxotica was closing it's doors to end another great day, over at the Hilton Garden Inn Edison/Raritan Center their doors opening for the first live show of the InkedAngels.net 2015 Inked Awards show. Inked Angels usually held their annual award show online, but this year they decided to go live complete with awards, hosts, and trophy girls. This year’s awards are presented by Cam4, a company who has been the annual top supporter of the awards and The V Agency also stepped in to support the awards by taking several sponsorship packages. Also broadcasting live on the air from the award show was DemonSeed Radio, providing commentary and interviews. 

Porn Sparks Love Campaign

A new website, PornSparksLove.com, launched today, dedicated to combatting anti-porn efforts and propaganda. Developed by adult e-tail site GameLink.com, GameLink was founded in San Francisco in 1993. Today it is the leading online distributor of adult content through its website which provides an enhanced user experience with cutting edge functionality. The Porn Sparks Love campaign highlights the positive impact of pornography on love and relationships around the world through expert and viewer testimonials, as well as scientific studies and media articles. Garnering the support of the adult industry and its millions of fans, the de-shaming initiative supports openness, creative self-expression, and all forms of sexuality. GameLink’s new campaign is a positive response to an anti-porn smear effort by Fight the New Drug, a Salt Lake City-based conservative group with Mormon ties. Scores of billboards have recently begun popping up in San Francisco and other cities, which read, “Porn Kills Love; Fight For Love.” The website PornKillsLove.com is posted at the bottom of each billboard.

“It’s sad to see so much negativity against the adult industry based purely on ideology. It’s not an accurate depiction of adult content, and we want to show a truer view through this campaign,” said GameLink.com representative Tera Reynolds. “Our message promotes dialogue, intimacy, sex, and enhancing people’s love lives. Most of all, it supports openness and one’s ability to express themselves sexually in a healthy and consensual way.”

PornSparksLove.com includes links, testimonials and information from consumers, adult industry representatives, celebrities, and medical professionals detailing how porn has positively impacted relationships. The website serves as a vehicle to shed a positive light on porn's proximity and inclusion of love and relationships, while debunking myths and misconceptions about the adult industry. The site’s developers also hope to gain traction on social media using the hashtag #PornSparksLove. The biggest part of the site is the tab “Porn Myths”, where it lists a lot of the random myths about porn. With each myth you click on you will find a link to a credible source that debunks said myth. Testimonials are broken up into 2 sections: One section from fans and Supporters and the other section from people in the industry. 

“We are reaching out to the adult industry, fans, celebrities, and professionals, as well as all those who have enjoyed a positive impact from adult entertainment, to submit to us their own testimonials and stories about how porn has made a difference in their love life and relationships,” Reynolds said. “We want to hear from everyone who has improved or enhanced their relationships thanks to porn and adult entertainment. We want to help share all those amazing stories with the world!” 

PornSparksLove.com outlines its opposition to the anti-porn campaign with the following statement:
“Repressed and fearful people want you to believe porn kills love. They would have you believe pornography promotes disrespect, exploitation, abuse, and selfishness, when the truth is actually the opposite. Gamelink, and its hundreds of thousands of supporters, know better, and as a leading adult e-commerce company which avidly supports openness, creative self-expression, and all forms of sexuality, we are here to share with you how #PornSparksLove. Anyone can compile a bunch of random stats to make a case, but we prefer to rely on first-hand stories and accounts of “real” people. We spoke to people who live both inside and outside of the adult entertainment industry – people who are employed in porn, who balance real life situations and relationships, who have great “real” sex lives, and who are in love.  We also spoke with people who fell in love, or deeper in love, as a result of their time sharing adult entertainment with one another. Please allow us to show love’s perspective from another side – one where sexuality, sensuality, eroticism, romanticism, wants, needs, desires, and supports are not separate, but intricately intertwined”.

Those interested in submitting their stories, unique testimonials, or offers of support may e-mail Testimonials@PornSparksLove.com

To learn more, please visit www.PornSparksLove.com.

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Review: OSTEO Corps #1

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Written & Created: Steven J Cyr, MD
Illustrator: Thiago A. Silva
Colors: by Together Studio  

OsteoCorps is an all ages educational comic book based on science and health. It is a way to help educate children on their injuries and illnesses in the world of superheroes and super villains. It’s a way to take away the fear and stigma that many kids have of hospitals and to help them find the courage they made need to face things head on.

The creator of the OsteoCorps Steven J Cyr M.D., also known as Ian Cision, is a spine surgeon from San Antonio, Texas. When asked by a close friend and pediatric surgeon to join his practice, he was inspired by the idea of creating an environment for kids where they felt a sense of empowerment. He felt an environment based on the world of superheroes would be the best way to convey that message. From there the superhero team OSTEOCORPS was born. The Children’s Orthopedic and Spine Center is considered to be a superhero fan’s paradise. The mentors of the OsteoCorps are likenesses of Dr. and Mrs. Cyr.
The story begins with Dr & Mrs Cision successfully creating the Genesis serum, a serum that has the ability to transform diseased tissue into normal tissue by manipulating stem cells as well as heal and correct bone abnormalities. They felt confident enough that the serum would work that they tested it on themselves with no effect. Considered a failure they called it a night, but unbeknownst to them their children, Cade, Alexia, and Colt were playing hide n seek in the lab and accidentally knocked some of the serum off the table causing them to be covered in it. The next morning when they awoke they found that the serum had changed them in very dramatic ways. While at first the serum had no affect on Dr. & Mrs. Cision, they come to find out that their abilities were much more subtle but still impressive. They also included their most trusted friend and partner Eli to join the super powered club and his results were astounding. With their new found powers and abilities they formed the OsteoCorps and embark on a training montage. Of course hidden in the shadows are 2 of Dr Cision’s colleagues, Dr’s Adsin & Nakamura, decide that Dr Cision has had his time in the sun for way too long and decide to steal the formula for themselves. After stealing it they try it as well and it turns them into twisted versions of who they really are and thus forming MalUnion.

The artwork and style in this book are amazing. It is really well done. The book itself is high quality printing and embedded logo. You can tell Dr. Cyr went all out for this series. The pacing of the story is very fast paced and reads like an old school origin story. Scientists create something wonderful and somehow it gives them or some random person superpowers thus creating the newest ally for justice. Since it is geared towards kids that may be the reason behind that pacing. With all the terms being used it is very helpful that he put a glossary of terms in the back of the book. That really helped with the story. Since it is the first issue, not every character is fully fleshed out, but when they become superheroes and start their training he really does a great job in defining each hero and their abilities. In later issues I hope that we get a better sense of each hero and their role as a person and a hero. My favorite part in this first issue is that in their training montage they are teaching everyone not only how to use their powers, but how to actually fight. Which a lot of super powered heroes tend not to learn because they rely on their powers a bit much and end up paying for it.

Dr. Cyr conceptualized every character personally, their powers, arch enemies, and battles based on injuries, illness, and treatment of the muscular and skeletal systems. The idea is to teach children about their conditions and the science behind the source and treatment of each condition without it being obvious. He wanted to create unique characters imbued with special powers that were in line with those needed to treat their injuries and disease states. Ultimately, it's a battle between health and illness (good vs bad) but in a totally new frontier. The characters can adjust their cell sizes and thus, their bodies, to be nanometer sized or normal sized. They can fight in the body or in the outside world. The battles are limitless as are the types of cells and diagnoses facing humans. In the back of the first issue a glossary of terms that are used throughout the story can be found which really shows the reader just where the names originate from as well as understand the medical terms that doctors use.

OSTEOCORPS is definitely worth a pick up. There is no set schedule yet on when the newer issues will be released, but you can buy the first issue and keep up on any news on the website. The book is mainly to help educate kids on what’s going in their bodies when they are sick and injured, which it does well. I like that they are doing so in the comic book route which makes it easier to understand. It may not be on the level of an Amazing Spiderman comic book story, but it’s on a level that will definitely keep kids entertained and even create a fan base among the average comic reader.  

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Comic Books by Adult Film Stars

Porn has always been about fantasy of sex. So when they branched out into XXX-Parodies of famous movies and TV shows, it was no real surprise that how well those features did. Like Rule 34 says on the internet, if it exists there is porn of it. Porn companies have dabbled in the world of comic books as a way to promote their own studios or girls. 

BEYOND20 Principal Erika Flora Selected as Women in Technology's 2016 Leadership Foundry

WASHINGTON, Nov. 6, 2015 /PRNewswire/ -- BEYOND20 announced today that its Principal, Erika Flora, has been selected as a member of the 2016 Women in Technology Leadership Foundry program. Flora, a founder and managing partner of the ITSM consulting firm, is one of eighteen women selected for the class of 2016. BEYOND20 is a technology-enabled services firm focused on transformative Project Management and IT Service Management solutions to support the practical implementation of Best Practice. BEYOND20 is a Cherwell Preferred partner, with several of the world's largest and most complex Cherwell Service Management implementations to its credit. The company's experienced team has developed numerous customer solutions leveraging Cherwell's Codeless Business Application Platform, and was awarded "Most Innovative Use of Cherwell" at the 2014 Cherwell Global Conference

"The majority of purchasing worldwide is done by women, and yet less than 20% of Forutune500 companies have women serving on their corporate boards," said Erika Flora. "It's something that needs to change, and it's exciting to be part of a program that equips women with the skills to contribute to the conversation and make a positive impact."

The Leadership Foundry program, developed by Women in Technology (WIT) was designed to prepare women for corporate board service in furtherance of their commitment to advance women "from the classroom to the boardroom". Each year, a group of 15-20 experienced women executives are selected to be a part of the program. Women in Technology (WIT) is a not-for-profit organization with the mission of Advancing Women in technology—from the Classroom to the Boardroom—by providing advocacy, leadership development, networking, mentoring and technology education. With nearly 1,000 members in the Washington, D.C. area, WIT is the premier organization empowering women to be architects of change in the technology industry.

For more information, please visit, www.womenintechnology.org or connect with us via: Facebook, LinkedIn or Twitter (@WITWomen).

Women's Roller Derby Teams Compete for 10th International Championship

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The top women's roller derby teams in the world will compete for the sport's highest honors, the Women's Flat Track Derby Association (WFTDA) Division 1 and Division 2 Championship titles, Nov. 6-8, 2015, in Saint Paul, Minnesota. Thousands of roller derby skaters and fans from around the world will pack Saint Paul's Legendary Roy Wilkins Arena as 16 teams enter a fierce battle to take home the trophy and the title of WFTDA Division Champion.

Review: Sound Intone Foldable DJ Stereo Headphones

Save $60 or more on select Beats wireless headphones

Sound Intone (SOIN) I65
Black & Gold
Foldable DJ Stereo Headphones with inline Mic
Electrical Specification:
Driver: 40mm
Sensitivity: 103dB±3dB
Impedance: 32Ω±15%
Frequency Response: 20~20000Hz
Plug Type:3.5mm 
Cord Length:1.5m±10%

Sound Intone I65 Headphones quality digital sound, made even better with total-comfort leatherette ear pads. They offer sleek style and an excellent on-the-go choice. Thanks to foldable ear cups, the headphones can lay flat for compact storage. Lightweight at just 10-1/2 ounces, the portable headphones slip easily into the included carry bag for added protection and travel convenience. Designed with cushioned, pressure-relieving ear pads that rest comfortably on the ears--versus completely covering the ears. They are extremely comfortable for long periods of use. They also do a better job at keeping the hustle and bustle of your surroundings out, so you can listen to your music without interruption. The on-ear headphones offer not only sleek style with a slim profile but also an adjustable contoured headband, it allows you to get a great position on your head. Inline controls allow you easy access to the controls for your headphones. Easily switch between calls and music on your phone.

Yamaguchi-gumi Group cancels Halloween!

Japan’s biggest crime syndicate, The Yamaguchi-Gumi Group, tweeted to announce that Halloween is cancelled this year. The group from the western city of Kobe traditionally holds a variety of community events and have previously invited neighborhood children to Halloween parties, where they hand large out bags of candy. However, a notice posted on their office gate explained that they would be pulling the plug on this year’s trick-or-treating, the Sankei newspaper reported, without clarifying why. The notice on the gate read as follows:

“The Halloween event that has taken place annually on October 31 will be canceled this year due to various reasons,” the notice read. “We regret disappointing parents and children looking forward to the event, but we promise to resume it next year.”

A recent high-profile split of the powerful Yamaguchi-gumi is suspected to be behind the cancellation, with mobsters fearing that a gang conflict could put children and guests at risk. Accodring to police the Yamaguchi-gumi was rocked by internal strife following the defection of several top leaders who formed their own splinter group. It was on August 27, 2015 that Japanese police confirmed that powerful factions, including Kobe-based Yamaken-gumi, Osaka-based Takumi-gumi, and Kyoyu-kai, broke away from Yamaguchi-gumi and forming new group called Kobe Yamaguchi-gumi. Prior to the split, the organisation consisted of seventy-two factions. This was the first major split since the forming of Ichiwa-Kai more than thirty years ago. The split prompted police warnings of a possible repeat of gangland bloodbaths similar to those in 1980. Which prompted poloce response with a series of raids and arrests made since then.

Like the Italian Mafia and Chinese triads, the yakuza engage in everything from gambling, drugs and prostitution to loan sharking, protection rackets and white-collar crime. But unlike their foreign counterparts, they are not illegal and each of the designated groups have their own headquarters. The Yamaguchi-gumi are Japan's largest yakuza, with 23,000 members and associates.  It is named after its founder Harukichi Yamaguchi. Its origins can be traced back to a loose labor union for dockworkers in Kobe before World War II. Events like this are held in the spirit of celebration and not with any malicious intent or criminal wrong doings in mind.

Photos: Mjyouka 

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth

Review: Top Cow Genius Volume 1

Entertainment Earth

Genius Vol 1 Siege
Top Cow Productions
Writers: Marc Bernardin & Adam Freeman
Artist: Afua Richardson
Letterer: Troy Peteri
Cover Art: Afua Richardson & Nelson Blake II
Graphic Novel Soft Cover Collecting Pilot Season #1 & Genius #1-5

Winner of Top Cow’s 2008 Pilot season, Genius is 5 issue mini-series taking place in modern day Los Angeles. Genius isn’t the typical good versus evil, hero vs. villain comic book. It’s not about being a hero at all; it’s a story about surviving. In 1992 a series of riots, lootings, arsons, and civil disturbance occurred in Los Angeles County, California; following the acquittal of police officers on trial regarding a videotaped and widely covered police brutality incident. They were the largest riots seen in the United States since the Detroit Riot of 1967, the largest in Los Angeles since the Watts Riot of 1965, and the worst in terms of death toll after the New York City draft riots of 1863. In this story after decades of both institutional and overt racism it would lead to a tipping point and one person would rise and start tipping things back. She would unite all the gangs in L.A. and secede a few square blocks of South Central from the Union by force. Her name is Destiny Ajaye and she’s 17 years old.

With the recent events that have occurred in Ferguson and Baltimore, Genius was almost a foreshadowing of events. Maybe not on that level and maybe it is giving the creators too much credit, but the signs have been there for many, many years. Genius is a story that will hit close to home a lot of levels. Destiny Ajaye is considered one of the greatest military minds of this generation, well that’s according to Detective Grey who is an analysis for the LAPD. He had been studying patterns and behaviors of the gangs in South Central in an area called “The Crossroads”. An area that is no stranger to gang violence, but sees an increase in focused aggression against the cops. Not just random acts, but thought out military strategies. As we see in the opening scene of Genius, Destiny has every gang in the neighborhood following orders like they were Marines. A squad of 8 police officers are taken out within minutes, and within an hour she takes out an entire SWAT team like they were a bunch of amateurs. Destiny isn’t just some kid from the streets who has some uncalled for grudge against cops; her pain goes much deeper than that. As a child of 8 years old her mother was brutally gunned down in front of her in their own home and all she could do was stand there and watch as officers went in and out of her house which was now a crime scene. From that point on she planned, she plotted, she waited for the right opportunity to make her move. With a genius level intellect you would think a child like that would stand out more, but Destiny made sure to not stand out as standing out got you killed. She’d only reveal her true self to those she trusted without question. One day the opportunity she had been waiting for came along once every gang was gathered in one place and were tired of  all the killing not just by their own hands, but by the cops as well. In one show quick show of force Destiny had every gang under her control and from that point on that’s when things began to change. And as the story unfolds in each issue things not only escalate but change the entire landscape of the series.

Courtesy of Newsrama

The creative team behind Genius did an excellent job with this story and the art. While you may think of Destiny Ajaye as the hero, with her actions she is more villain than hero. In one point in the story she lets the people of the neighborhood tell their story on the only platform they can speak out, the internet. But that is more of a strategy to hurt the LAPD’s reputation during the course of this war. For every character they introduce, they introduce more than one side to that character giving everyone depth. You find yourself not just rooting for Destiny, but for the change that she and everyone involved so desperately wants. The art work is on a level on its own. Going back to what I said about each character given depth in their personalities, each character is fleshed out in their own distinct way. It’s loose, vibrant with a touch of funk and hip hop drawn in. The art defines the setting as if it were taken from an actual neighborhood and placed onto the paper. Afua Richardson, Marc Bernadin, and Adam Freeman do an excellent job in not only having a great female lead, but having a female lead who is as real as any other human being.
This is definitely a book worth picking up and adding to any library. This mini-series will definitely have who wanting this creative to come back to do more books like this. As I said before it touched on issues that not a lot of other books could touch in a way that really shined a light on the struggle that both sides of the conflict are facing and still facing in to this date. I give this book 5 stars. This book contains blood, violence, and harsh language so please be warned before picking this book up and giving it to a child.  

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Entertainment Earth

Entertainment Earth