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JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS debuted on television in 1985, alongside a very successful toyline by Hasbro. The show was geared towards young females and featured a strong female lead along with mixed elements of science fiction, adventure, and romance. While it was a show geared towards young girls, the sci-fi elements and the music attracted young boys and young adults as well. JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS captured the spirit of the 80s with it's big hair and catchy melodies. As part of the weekday morning line up along side shows like Transformers, it was a show the most kids did not miss before heading out to school.

Hasbro announced earlier this year that a live-action, motion-picture adaptation of JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS from Universal Pictures starring Aubrey Peeples and directed by Jon M. Chu is slated for release October 2015. Following that announcement: IDW Publishing is excited to expand its long relationship with Hasbro and welcome JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS to the world of comic books. Starting in March 2015, Jem and company will star in their first ongoing series! The creative team bringing this world full of fashion, art, action, and style to life is writer Kelly Thompson (Storykiller, The Girl Who Would Be King) and artist Ross Campbell (Glory, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles), with subscription covers by Sara Richard (My Little Pony, Kitty and Dino).
Five stunning rainbow foil covers will be available for Issue One—one for each Hologram by artist Amy Mebberson (My Little Pony, Pocket Princesses), plus the whole band by series artist Ross Campbell—in a deluxe rainbow foil and hologram collectible box. A second box set for Issue two will feature another set of four covers by Mebberson and a group shot by Campbell—this time starring Jem’s greatest nemeses, The Misfits!

“Getting a JEM AND THE HOLOGRAMS comic going was a top priority for me when I started at IDW,” says Senior Editor John Barber. “It took three years, but Kelly and Ross came in with a style and attitude that really got Jem. They understand Jem’s appeal—I can’t overstate the impact Jem has had on generations of fans and readers.”
The impact of the show is something that is still felt today thanks to the HUB network replaying those shows late at night and Black Nerd Girls doing their live tweets while the show is airing. Not only did the show feature some great music, but it incorporated music videos that went along with the story. The new look is definitely more interesting, it's like a combination of Punk and Glam rock with a more modern twist. It would be cool the hear the music that would be associated with the new look, but that will probably not happen until the new movie comes out. I hope it does lead to new animated series that is closer to the upcoming comic book than the movie, because who knows how good the movie will be.

ELPH Safety Bands

Losing a child in a crowded place is every parent’s worst nightmare. For children too young to often know their full name, parent’s phone number and other key information, it can be the scariest moments of their life. Some of these stresses are now eliminated with the launch of the ELPH safety bandELPH is a new state of the art tech product designed by Gannett employees to ease the stresses of traveling with a child.

The ELPH story began with a challenge among Gannett Co., Inc. employees to participate in a contest for new innovative ideas. Among 30 submissions, ELPH tied for first place and was awarded funding by Gannett to build and launch the product. Since its initial inception, ELPH Band has been awarded the PTPA Winner’s Seal of Approval. PTPA Media has North America’s largest volunteer parent testing community, with over 70,000 parents and was rated the Most Trusted Seal by over 22,000 parents across North America. 

A non-toxic, durable wristband provides an easy way for young children to be identified and safely reunited with their parents if lost. Each ELPH band is equipped with a one of a kind QR code and ID number. If a child happens to wander off while wearing an ELPH wristband a Good Samaritan is able to call the number on the ELPH band or scan the QR code to receive the necessary information to reach a child parent or guardian.  While the ELPH band provides a way to contact a parent or guardian it does not give out any personal information including a child’s name or phone number. Information can be updated in real time for any given situation.

The ELPH safety band provides parents with extra security if they happen to become separated from their child. Co-Founder Kathy Duffy says “Developing ELPH is close to my heart because I am a mother who has felt the fear of losing track of her son. He ran off while we were at the pumpkin patch and I can recall how time moved slowly as I panicked to find him.  The ELPH band now puts me at ease when I think of that situation or any other that may happen.” 

ELPH provides easy setup and quick registration. Guardians are able to input emergency contact name, email and phone numbers along with additional comments to alert the good samaritan who finds a child to be alerted to any special circumstances they might have, such as medical conditions, allergies or other requirements. ELPH can be registered via smartphone using any available scanning app and via computer using a unique serial code on the band. Email and text verification of account information will be sent to the guardian.

The ELPH Band is available in three different sizes and in Pink and Navy Blue, with Purple and Black becoming available in November. The ELPH Safety band retails for $19.99